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What Makes Leap Photography Different | Boise Portrait Photographer

Updated:  March 3, 2022

I know there are a lot of photographers in the Treasure Valley for you to choose from.  A quick search on Google or even a Facebook search may bring up dozens of potential photographers for you to choose from.  Different businesses show up on the first page of Google for various reasons, and it’s not always because the business is truly the best in their field.  So…when it comes to finding a Boise photographer you’re probably asking yourself… how do I even decide which photographer to go with?

This blog post has been designed to tell you a little more about me.  It’s not about showing you numerous examples of my work… you can browse through my website and this blog to view the scope of my work.  This post is about telling you what makes me… Leap Photography different.

1)  I‘ve been a professional photographer for over 25  years. 

Don’t worry… the fact I have multiple years of experience in the field of portrait photography does not mean you’re hiring an old “fuddy duddy”. You know the type… one who hasn’t’ kept up with current technology and portrait styles.  Upon review of my online galleries, you’ll find this is not the case.  I have a unique style of portraiture.  One that sets my images apart from other photographers. To start with… I provide professional quality images. Images that are well lit, properly exposed, pleasingly composed and yet uniquely you.  It’s a style of photography which has taken me many years to refine.

What 25 years of “experience” as a photographer really means is you can feel confident when you hire Leap Photography.  Over the years I’ve gained knowledge and experience… making me a highly qualified photographer in the most difficult of lighting situations.

2)  I have a B.A. in Photography

Yep that’s right.  I went to college to be a photographer.  I graduated from Montana State University in 1997 (please don’t do the math) and have been working as a professional photographer ever since.   I’m passionate about photography and love what I do.

3)  I only use professional labs and album binders

You can rest assured when I send your files off to print I’m not using cheap labs such as the local Walgreens or Costco.  All of my prints are outsourced to a pro lab that specializes in providing the best quality product available to professional photographers.  I trust these labs to provide you with an heirloom product because they only use the highest quality photo paper, albums and canvas materials.

These pro labs provide me with lusciously thick paper and prints printed at a proper color balance….. and these are are things that bring out the true “photo geek” in me.  If you ask my husband… it’s best to not get me started on the intricacies of a proper color balance.  Let’s just say I’m a stickler about my prints having  “true blacks” and  “true whites”.

stack of wedding albums

4)  I have a Brick and Mortar business.

I don’t work out of my home or a coffee shop like so many other photographers.  I’m serious about my craft.  I’m a full service photography studio, providing my clients with the option of studio sessions or location sessions.

When you schedule your studio session or proofing appointment with Leap photography… you will be meeting me at my studio.  I’m located at 1020 W. Main Street, #200.  I’m in the historic Alaska Center building in downtown Boise.

5)  I own and use lights

So many photographers are advertising they are “natural light” photographers.  You may be asking yourself what this really means.  Well….it means they don’t use any kind of external lighting.  So….no flash on or off camera.  In most cases this is because these photographers don’t even own lighting….and in many cases even if they do….they may not even know  how to properly use it.

I shoot without lighting from time to time too….but I always have lighting with me on each and every shoot I go to.  I own an arsenal of Canon speed-lights, Photogenic studio lights, and Alien Bee lighting, all which I routinely pull out at sessions, events and weddings.

Why do I use lighting?    I use the lighting to help cut out harsh shadows created by the sun, add a sparkle to your eyes and to create interesting lighting effects.  Without lights, I can’t always achieve the style of photographs I create.

Why is this important to you?   When I photograph your session, you don’t have to worry that you won’t love your portraits.  Your skin will have an even tone and your eyes will shine.

boise photography studio

6)  Photoshop is a tool…..not a crutch!

I’ve been a photographer since the days of film.  Back then we didn’t have screens on the back of our camera to show us if the image was good or not.  We had to get it right at the snap of the shutter.  Because of this, my philosophy is to “get it right in camera”.  Doing so saves me lots of time in post production, time which I don’t have to, nor want to, spend in front of a computer fixing images.

I do use Photoshop but I primarily use it to retouch skin.  Occasionally I’ll remove an object from the background or maybe do a “head swap” if necessary; otherwise, the final product I provide to you is not heavily over processed.  It’s very similar to the image I originally captured in camera.

Don’t get me wrong…..I think some of the Photoshop & Lightroom filters available to photographers are pretty cool.  Sometimes I use them to add a special effect to a specific image.  My opinion is filters have a time and place.  I personally have chosen not to use them consistently because 1)  I think doing so is a crutch to not becoming an even better photographer and 2) I feel that a lot of these filter effects are going to make images look very dated within a few years.  I’d personally prefer to offer my clients a more traditional/classic product.  One that will not feel to dated 2, 5, or 10 years from now.

So… now that you know a little bit more about me (old embarrassing photos and all)… feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.  I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.