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Headshots: Boise Photographer

If you’re looking for headshots that are a little more unique… consider downtown Boise as the backdrop. Joe did just that. He is in the process of starting his own business and needs a variety of headshots to help set himself apart from his competitors.

After talking with him for awhile, and reviewing some example headshots he really liked…it became clear that a studio photo session would not achieve his end goal. The photos would be too formal and they wouldn’t allow him to highlight his laid back personality. After discussing a few potential outdoor photo locations… we settled on the area around the Boise Centre.

This area in downtown Boise offers a variety of potential backdrops, all with a neutral color tone. Perfect for the look Joe was trying to achieve. This particular area in downtown Boise has a timeless feel no matter the time of year. The background colors and buildings colors do not change with the seasons. The end result is headshots with a timeless feel.

headshot of man in downtown boise

The Headshot Session

On the morning of his photo shoot, Joe came with multiple outfits in hand and a few different pairs of glasses. As we moved our way through the areas surrounding the Boise Centre, Joe tried out a few different looks. In the end… he settled on the photos within this blog post as a few of his favorites.

boise headshot

I think he selected a great variety of photos. All of the images highlight different aspects of his personality. They also cover the bases of informal too formal. Now, all of his potential headshot needs for future projects are covered.

business portrait of man in boise

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