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We trun precious moments into treasured family heirlooms

Family Portraits: The Pedraza Family

Family portraits become heirlooms you hold onto for generations. They are treasured, protected and brought out of storage to teach the younger generations about their ancestors. Plus, let’s face it. If your home were on fire, your family portraits are the one thing you would run out of your house with. These captured memories are priceless.

The Pedrazas

With one daughter heading off to the military, the Pedraza family knew it was time to update their family photo. The last time they had done so, both girls were very young. With the eldest heading off to boot camp in 2.5 weeks, Emmett scheduled a time for everyone to meet at the photo studio. A military man himself, he knew that his daughters chances of coming home for frequent visits was unlikely. So, he seized his opportunity to capture his “little girls” and this very special transition point.

family portrait in boise studio
Family Picture of 2 sisters
Couple's Studio Portrait

Although these two were reluctant to capture a photo of just the two of them… I encouraged them to do it for their daughters. Some day they will cherish this image just as much as “Mom and Dad” do.

portraits of sister

Does your family need to update its family photo? If so…. what are you waiting for? Call Leap Photography today. I’d love to chat with you about all your photo options! ~ Brenda

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