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Headshots: Billings Photographer

On my last trip to Billings, MT I had the opportunity to capture headshots of someone special in my life. This is someone I’ve been photographing for at least 30 years. In fact, she was one of my very first models. The day I picked up my very first camera… she was there. She’s watched me refine my craft and skills over the years and always has been a willing model if I wanted to try out new equipment or techniques. She’s even been willing to pose however I told her to… and let me tell you, in the beginning… some of the ways I tried to pose people for portraits was just awkward!


When it comes down to it, she subjected herself to the torture of my learning and awkward posing because she’s my little sister… Becky. In all reality, I don’t think I gave her much of an option to back out of helping when we were younger. I said let’s go take pictures and she came along.
Anyway… On my last trip to Billings, I got to photograph her once again. This time she asked me to help update her headshots for LinkedIN, and her upcoming speaking engagements. We drove around  downtown Billings and captured a variety of looks. The headshots below were jus a few of our favorites.

Billings Headshot, Outdoors
headshot at the Billings Train Depot