Event Photography | Make A Wish Idaho

Event Photography for non-profits and charity organizations is something I really love to do. These organizations need all the help they can to promote their organizations. Having high-quality event photographers from their fundraisers is a much-needed marketing tool for these organizations.

Make A Wish of Idaho and the Boise State Athletics department host a “Serving Up Wishes” event every year. I was on hand and in charge of the event photography at this past year’s fundraiser.

What Is “Serving Up Wishes”?

The events of the evening included:

  • Boise State student-athletes showcasing their many talents to the delight of the event guests.
  • A sit-down dinner
  • Live auction
  • Presentation from a wish child and/or their family highlighting their special wish experience.

Life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness are funded with the money raised at this yearly event. To learn more about some of these children and their wishes you can go to this Make A Wish Idaho’s page. It features just a few of the many stories from the lives they have touched.

Event Photography of BSU marching band performing

The BSU Marching Band started the evening’s fundraiser off with a BANG!

Candid event photography from a Boise Charity fundraiser
Boise State Athletes talking

Boise State University Athletes describe the rules of their game

2 people playing tennis at a Boise Charity event
Candid Event Photography of Pie In The Face
Event Photography of a speaker on stage
Boise State athletes cheer on a event participant
A Make A Wish recipient Speaks at a Boise Event

A former Make A Wish recipient talks about his “wish” experience.

fun games at a charity event

These two are waxing their legs for charity.

BSU athletes sing on stage at an event
Group photo of Boise State Athletes

A group photo of all of the Boise State Athletes who participated in this event.

Keynote speaker at a "Serving Up Wishes" event

The Keynote speaker…. a former Make A Wish recipient… talks about how uplifting her experience was.

As you can see, this fun-filled night was jam-packed with entertainment!

If you are interested in other Make A Wish of Idaho fundraising events, I encourage you to contact the local office. If you would like to view more photos from another Make A Wish event I photographed, jump on over to our post featuring “The Polar Bear Plunge”. Another fun, fundraising event that Make A Wish holds.

Studio Update: COVID19

Hi Everyone! As you already know.. the governor of Idaho has put in place a 21 day stay in shelter order for all Idahoans. In attempts to combat the spread of COVID19 in Idaho, citizens have been asked to stay home. For business owners, we have been instructed to close our doors for 21 days… unless our business is classified as an “essential service”.

Leap Photography falls into the “non-essential” business category. With that said, my studio doors are temporarily closed to the public. For the next 21 days I will not be photographing any type of session, wedding or event. This does not mean I am going out of business. Over the next 21 days I will only be corresponding with clients via the phone, social media or emails. No in person meetings.

As you can imagine this 21 day stay at home order is affecting many small business owners tremendously. Especially those who work in more service based industries such as hair stylists, restaurant owner and personal trainers.

If you are able to support any of these type of businesses during the next 21 days… I encourage you to do so. Purchase a gift card, order take out or see if your favorite clothing boutique has an online storefront. If you’re not sure how to help your favorite businesses… reach out to them and ask.

If you would like to support Leap Photography, you can do any one of the following:

  • Purchase a gift card
  • Prepay for a photo session to be scheduled at a later date
  • Purchase prints from a previous photo session you’ve had with me
  • Purchase an item from my Etsy shop
  • Product photography. If you are a business owner… send products to me that you need photographed. I can help you with images to update your website, Etsy shop and social media feeds.
  • Business – Building Photos: I can photograph the exterior and interior of your business. These photos can be used on your “Google My Business” listing or on your website.
  • Review Leap Photography on Google

However you decide to spend you money in this time of social distancing… I strongly encourage you to shop local!

Doing so not only helps keep tax dollars within your community… it helps a small business owner pay for essentials to support their family.

Event Speaker: Angela Taylor | Boise Photographer

Leap Photography photographs events of all sizes. These photos of Angela Taylor, owner of Indulge Food Tours and The DIGNITAS Agency are a perfect example of what photo coverage from a small event can look like.

The Event

Angela contacted me looking for a photographer to help promote her speaking services. She had a presentation coming up within the next 24 hours and was in desperate need of finding a photographer.

female event speaker

I met up with Angela at the Nampa Civic Center where she was scheduled to speak. On this particular day she was giving a presentation to a group of librarians from all across Idaho.

convention room with speaker on stage

Her uplifting speaking style helped motivate this group to set goals and make meaningful changes in their day to day work lives. They all left with new nuggets of wisdom to help inspire them through the most trying of times.

woman speaking to a crowd
energetic speaker on stage

Angela shared inspiration from moments in her own life. She re-lived ups, downs and times of uncertainty. Showing that all these stages are just a part of each individuals journey.

If you have an upcoming event in need of being documented, give me a call. As you can see… I photograph events of all sizes. ~ Brenda

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Riverside Hotel Wedding | Boise Photographer

Not all Boise couples are looking for large outdoor venues to host their wedding. Some are just looking for an indoor, all inclusive wedding & reception venue. A venue where guest can arrive for the weekend and never leave the hotel. For couples getting married in Boise…. the Riverside Hotel fits this bill perfectly.

The Riverside Hotel

The Riverside Hotel is located right on Boise’s scenic greenbelt… allowing guests quick access to downtown Boise, Esther Simplot Park, White Water Park or Garden City’s Live-Work-Create district.

The hotel itself includes 2 restaurants, Bar 365, The Sapphire Room and an outdoor pool for the kids. It’s conveniently located right off of I-184 and is just a few minutes drive from the downtown Boise core.

wedding portrait

The Wedding

Mai & Zach had a late summer wedding. Neither is super outdoorsy and each thought it would be a good idea to have an indoor wedding to keep guests cool and comfortable.

bridal party group photo

Mai & Zach each selected family members to stand by their sides and be a part of their wedding day. Zach’s two brothers stood by his side while Mai’s cousins acted as her bridesmaids.

bride and her bridesmaids
wedding ceremony candid photo
bride and groom exchanging vows

Vince of Boise Wedding Officiants was the officiant of choice.

bride and groom kissing
wedding officiant with bride and groom
bridal headshot
bridal party group photo
wedding cake details

Bridesmaids dresses, cake details and even Mai’s hair had a pops of blue.

family photo on wedding day
Fun photo of newly married couple
wedding rings and tatoos

If you’d like to view images from other events Leap Photography has photographed at the Riverside Hotel. Click the links below.

White Coat Ceremony | Boise Event Photographer

I’ve had the privilege of being ICOM’s official event photographer since the doors opened in the fall of 2019. They are Idaho’s first medical school.

This school was a long time in the making… but has been a great addition to Idaho and the Boise area alike.

What Is A White Coat Ceremony?

The White Coat Ceremony is actually quite a new tradition in some medical schools around the country. For those school hosting the event… it’s considered to be a right of passage for those pursuing careers within the medical field. The ceremony signifies the student’s transition from preclinical studies to the study of clinical health sciences.

white coat ceremony in Boise, Idaho

Every year ICOM brings in roughly 150 new students. These students spend two years on campus before leaving for their clinical rotations. They apply for rotations throughout the US, but many of these students remain in the Northwest. The White Coat Ceremony is just the first of many milestones the students achieve while pursuing their studies.

2 students before white coat ceremony
2 women before ICOM's white coat ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony takes place in the first few weeks of school…. but you’d never guess it from looking at these photos. From the moment these students arrive at ICOM they begin to form close bonds with fellow students and ICOM Staff.

candid event photo of medical students
Speaker during ICOM white coat ceremony

How Is Leap Photography Involved?

Leap Photography has been the official event photographer for the first two White Coat Ceremonies. It’s one of the few events a year that I bring in help and hire a second photographer. It’s no small task to document this event. 150+ students receive their white coats and then walk off stage to have a “formal” portrait taken.

event photo of white coat ceremony

A series of photographs is needed of the white coats being placed on each student by a faculty member or their family member who is a doctor. (For those student who have a parent, sibling or grandparent who is a doctor… they may elect to have their family member place the white coat on them.) Each student then goes to the “official’ photo area to have their headshot taken with their white coat on.

candid photo at white coat ceremoby

After the all the students have received their white coats… they collectively read an oath. Keynote speakers follow this oath.

event photo of students during a white coat ceremony
event photo of white coat ceremony
medical student with her mother

The photo above is an example of a student who received her white coat from her mother. The two stopped by the official photo area to have an image captured together. It’s a moments like these that made me want to become a photographer.

keynote speaker at a white coat ceremony
Keynote speaker
A medical student and his father

I look forward to many more years of documenting this ceremony!

If you have an upcoming event which you need a photographer for…. check out my event photography portfolio. I’d love to be your event photographer. ~ Brenda

Product Photography: Tatiana’s Millinery

The owner of Tatiana’s Millinery recently brought one of her custom creations into the studio to have some product photography work done. She was in the process of submitting one of her creations into an upcoming millinery competition in London. One of the submission requirements for the competition was to submit professional photographs of your entry.

product photography of millinery

Since I’m most well know for my portrait and event photography work… I thought I’d share a few examples from the photo shoot I did for her. Although I’m not well known in the Boise area for this style of photography… it’s an area of photography I know a lot about. I have extensive training in product photography. In fact, product photos were a huge area of study required to earn my B.A. in photography from Montana State University.

side view of custom made hat

Although I rarely wear hats myself, I truly appreciate the vision and skills required to create pieces of art such as this.

custom hat product photography

Thanks Tatiana’s Millinery for trusting me to photograph your millinery. I had fun photographing this item and hope to help you out with more product photography in the near future.

Bridal Show: 101 | Boise Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a wedding?  Still searching for a wedding photographer, DJ, caterer or maybe even a venue? Or… maybe you are so recently engaged you haven’t even thought about the details of your wedding day.

No matter what stage of planning you’re in… the first item of business you need to add to your agenda is :

I bet you are asking yourself…. isn’t going to a bridal show a waste of time?  I mean….I have Google.  

Although it may seem as if sitting in front of your computer and using the power of “Google”  is the way to go…. I assure you it is not.  Yes, you can gather a lot of great ideas and pin them to your Pinterest boards… but I assure you,  nothing beats the experience of meeting your potential vendors in person.  Plus, you get to smell , touch and taste all the different products vendors have to offer.  Think about it…..will your web browser let you sample a piece of wedding cake, feel that gorgeous silk linen you’ve had your eye on or touch a feel a wedding album that a photographer such as myself has on display?

antlers as centerpiece in wedding decor

In addition, attending a bridal show is a great way to gather creative ideas and to ask local vendors questions not only about the services they offer, but their opinions on other wedding topics.  Or even a recommendation to another vendor, such as a florist.  Attending a show is a great way to learn from the collective experience of the vendors.  We’ve been to a lot of weddings, seen a lot of DJ’s in action, tasted many cakes, and worked with many different coordinators.  Basically, we’ve seen it all and can give you our opinion on what does…. and what does not work.

wedding ceremony arch

OK, I’m in… when is the next bridal Show?

 Leap Photography will be at two bridal shows in the month of January.  I encourage you to come to at least one of them… if not both.  Some vendors are only in one show, and others you’ll have a second chance to visit.

The Boise Bridal Show

January 4, 2020 — 10 am – 5 pm
January 5, 2020 — 11 am – 4 pm

Location:  Boise Centre on the Grove

green and purple table decor at wedding

What can I expect as a bride?

The largest show here in the Treasure Valley is THE BOISE BRIDAL SHOW.  It’s a 2 day show which gives you the opportunity to go back a second time if you feel like you just couldn’t get through it all in one day.  There will be over 100 vendors in attendance plus a number of  fashion shows will be held throughout the two days.  You will want to budget ample time to collect brochures, talk to vendors, taste samples and watch the runway shows.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to get the information you need plus gather the verbal information you may need.  You don’t want to feel rushed. To see a list of vendors at this years show and to find out fashion show times…… click this link:  THE BOISE BRIDAL SHOW VENDORS

wedding photographers bridal show booth
Leap Photography’s Boise Bridal Show Booth Space.

How Many Bridal Shows are there?

  1. IDAHO WEDDING EXPERIENCE: Although the Boise Wedding Show is the largest show of the year, there are a few other shows throughout the area. The next largest show is the  IDAHO WEDDING EXPERIENCE. This one day show packs a lot of punch into 5 hours.  Although I’ve participated in this show in the past…. Leap Photography will not be in participating in the 2020 show. The show is slightly smaller than the one held in Boise earlier in January.  It will have over 50 vendors in attendance. Like the Boise Bridal Show, the Idaho Wedding Experience also has a number of fashion shows and is a great place to sample food and talk to vendors.  I suggest showing up earlier in the day so you can soak in the experience.
  2. THE CHOSEN WEDDING SHOW: A new show as of 2020 is the “CHOSEN WEDDING SHOW “. Leap Photography will not be participating in the show either. Since 2020 is the inaugural year of this show, like you I’m interested to see how it turns out. If you’ve just started planning your wedding day, it might be worth dropping in and checking out.

OK, I’m going to a bridal show. What should I take with me?

1)  Someone who you value their opinion. Ask your fiance to come along….but don’t fret if he declines.  Guys just don’t get as excited about wedding planning as we do.  I definitely suggest asking your maid of honor to come along with you.  It’s helpful to have a second pair of eyes.  Also if you have family members you would like to invite…do so.

 2)  A large bag to throw collected brochures and business cards into.

3)  A list of items you really need to look into for your wedding Like going to the grocery store……it’s easy to get sidetracked while at the bridal show.  If you’ve already done some wedding planning, you will want to bring a list with you to help keep you on track.

 4)  2-4 sheet of labels which include the following:       

  • -your name       
  • -address       
  • -phone number      
  • -email address       
  • -wedding date  

A number of vendors will be giving away door prizes.  You wouldn’t want to miss your chance to win something and you certainly don’t want to spend too much time writing this info down.

5)  A pen/pencil + a pad of paper. It’s helpful to write down notes about specific things you liked about one vendor or another or products you want to research more…. while you are in a vendors booth.  You will gather a large amount of information while at the show.  The notes you make while in attendance will help you remember specifics about vendors and products after the show.

6)  Your smart phone Take photos of all the cool ideas you find at the show.   You can come back to the images later when you need inspiration.

7)  A comfortable pair of shoes. The show is quite large and you will be doing quite a lot of walking.  Comfy shoes are highly recommended.  

8)  A check book and credit card  If you find a a must-have product or service and you want to book it immediately… you’ll need to have some form of payment with you…..and not everyone takes plastic at the show. A lot of first-rate services such as photographers, florists, and venues book quickly, so you may want to reserve their services with a down payment/deposit at the show. Some vendors also offer “show discounts”  if you book with them while at the bridal show.

Most Important Tip
Now that you have all the information on how to attend a show….  the most important advice I can give you is to have fun!  Planning a wedding can be stressful enough.  Don’t turn the show into a miserable experience.

The bridal show was designed to not only be a great way for you to gather all the information you need under one roof…..but to be fun as well.    So enjoy your day at the bridal show!  Taste the cake samples, the mini quiches over at “XYZ” catering and learn a new line dance with one of the DJ’s.  You’ll be glad you did.

gold charger plate with gold napkin

Baby Photo Album | Boise Photographer

A baby photo album is an item almost anyone reading this post will have a distinct memory of. Most likely, those memories include a much younger you, holding your own baby photo album full of photos your parents took. If you’re lucky, your baby album might include a few professional studio shots as well.

A Custom Designed Baby Album?

We all know times have changed, but this is especially true in the world of photography. Not long ago it was unheard of to have your photographer make a custom album of just any photo shoot you hired them for. Except for a wedding album, that has been standard procedure for many years. On the other hand, all other photo shoots were reserved to large prints on the wall.

Why? It was much harder to design and create photo albums before the introduction of digital photography. Shooting on film really limited the type of albums photographers could produce to our clients. We didn’t have design software such as Photoshop. Plus, in the days of film, photographers only had one type of album we could could make. It was the same matted album we provided to our wedding clients. The configurations of the matts were very restrictive plus the albums were only available in 3 different colors… black, brown and white.

baby photo album

The Times Are Changing!

Digital Cameras have opened up a whole new world of photography products available to all of us. The album industry is one in which those of us who have been professional photographers for years have witnessed extreme changes in. Gone are the days of taping prints behind matts and creating a book.

The albums I now offer clients are completely custom. My clients get to choose the cover material and color, text imprinting or no imprinting…. and so much more. The interior pages of the album are now designed in the computer, allowing endless possibilities for page layouts. The largest advantage of the new lay flat albums is there are no more photo matts! I can create a collage of images or even add page textures to the page layouts. I am no longer restricted to the type of matts offered by the album company. The new lay flat books are truly as unique as my client.

photo album with linen cover

OH Baby!

I recently delivered a custom designed, baby photo album to a few of my clients. The parents had brought their little one in for her first professional photo session.

This little girl’s parents were absolutely delighted with her arrival. They had been trying for quite some time to start a family and they were over the moon with joy! Honestly…. what better way celebrate her arrival than to have an album made? The book is filled photos capturing a very specific time in Bradley’s young life. Babies grow up so quickly! These images will help the family remember exactly what she was like in these younger days.

baby album page design

As you can see… their album is filled with unique photos . Photos telling a story about little Miss Bradley. I know, this album will be picked up, viewed and memories will be relived for years to come.

lay flat photo album
newborn photo album layout

I can create custom albums from your family portraits, high school senior or headshot session as well. If you’d like to learn more don’t hesitate to ask for details. I’d love to show you all your options and discover the best option for you.

Event Photographer | Festival Of Trees 2019

Leap Photography is proud to have been an official event photographer for the 2019, Boise Festival Of Trees! This was the 36th year St. Alphonsus hosted this charitable event. Over the years the festival has raised more than $10 million dollars to improve healthcare in the Treasure Valley.

Our photographer, Brenda Leap spent a little time behind the scenes of the annual fashion show. This year, Brenda photographed Santa, volunteers and the fashion show models.

We thought we’d share a little of our holiday fun with you. Here are just a few of Brenda’s favorite photos from backstage of the fashion show.

OH… and don’t forget, if you’re in need of an event photographer, give Leap Photography a call. We photograph events of all sizes.

Happy Holidays everyone!

event volunteers with Santa
Santa with two women at boise event
fashion models at Boise Festival of Trees
event photo of Santa with 2 women
alexander Davis fashion show models
breast cancer survival Star Wars Costumes

Wedding: White Barn at Happy Valley| Idaho Photographer

This White Barn at Happy Valley Road wedding was all about rustic ambiance and being surrounded by family and friends.

The Venue

The White Barn is located on the out skirts of Nampa, Idaho is a relatively new wedding venue in the Treasure Valley. It’s attracting brides and grooms with styles ranging from country western to BOHO. Indoor or outdoor events can be accommodated.

Rustic venues like this one have been in high demand the last few years and those of us in the event industry are excited to welcome the White Barn to the wedding community. It has the charm of a rural setting but is only a short distance from a number of hotels and restaurants. A plus for out of town guests wanting to stay close to modern conveniences.

Nampa Idaho wedding venue
wedding gown hanging in barn

The Wedding

Amber & Jarod are Idahoans at heart. They enjoy the outdoors, country music, rustic decor and being surrounded by their favorite people. When they noticed an old barn being renovated around the corner from their house…. they knew right away it would be the location of their upcoming wedding.

getting ready photo at boise barn wedding

They were particularly impressed with the “getting ready” areas. The brides room is not only spacious but has a large mirrored wall, perfect for pre-wedding hair and makeup. The entire brides room contains feminine touches such as the plush purple couch and the clean white walls.

The grooms room on the other hand is very manly. The dark wood of the barn remains, giving this space a cigar store type feel. The groom and his groomsmen can enjoy the liquor cabinet, pool table and card table while waiting for the wedding day to start.

wedding picture of couple in hayloft doors
bridal photo of Boise bride

Wedding Day Details

Amber created all of the floral bouquets herself in addition to constructing the centerpieces. Jarod is a woodworker and his contribution was building the head table and a few other decor items.

wedding photo of Boise groom
wedding bouquet
wedding portrait of couple in front of white barn
wedding party group photo
wedding portrait photography of bride and bridesmaids
groom with his groomsmen on his wedding day
wedding rings and wedding invitation
wedding decor at Idaho barn wedding
wedding ceremony candid photo
wedding photojournalism shot of ring exchange
marriage photo of bride and groom inside barn
signing marriage certificate in Boise
wedding decor at rustic Idaho barn wedding
First Dance wedding photo
wedding portrait in barn
couple kissing on their wedding day