anniversary portrait

Anniversary Portraits: Bud & Jackie

Married couples of all ages need to update their portraits from time to time. In the case of these two (my parents) it had been a while. With their 50th Anniversary around the corner I decided it was time to update their photos. Not only did my entire family need updated portraits of them…but we needed images to use in the Anniversary Party Invites.

With that said on their last visit to Boise, we went on a small photography adventure. First things first… I always pick their clothes out for them. Luckily this time they were passing through in their RV… so I had plenty of options to select from. Once the clothing was decided on we just needed to drive over to Kathryn Albertson Park and the Boise Train Depot. From there I captured a variety of shots.

Below are just a few of my favorites. They’ll be images that my siblings and nieces cherish for years to come.

Outdoor Portrait of Couple
photo of couple
Candid photo of couple

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