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Holy Apostles Wedding: Bernice + Dan

It’s been a while since I photographed this wedding, but I felt it’s finally time to share the photos. Posting photos to this blog has never been my strong suit, but I felt now was the perfect time to highlight this small intimate wedding.

The Wedding

Bernice and Dan exchanged their wedding vows at Holy Apostles Catholic Church in Meridian Idaho. The guest list was small, but they were surrounded by those whom they truly love. Family members and their closest friends stood by their side and witnessed the joining of these two families.

wedding picture of a bride and groom

Bernice and Dan had waited quite a while to exchange vows. The previous year they were forced to make a hard decision, they would need to postpone their wedding date. It just wasn’t possible to continue with their originally planned date.

They pushed the wedding out an additional year. Once their special day had finally arrived they couldn’t have been happier.

bride's wedding day details
closeup photo of a boutonniere
Their Vision

In my first conversations with Bernice, she mentioned she was looking for a photographer who could take “traditional” portraits. She wanted a someone capable and experienced with focusing in on the family groups as well as photos of her and Dan.

This couple was looking for a photographer who could help them preserve their legacy. Each person who attended their wedding was important to them, and they didn’t want to leave out a single person. They were all a part of their story.

I LOVE it when couples tell me this! I know first hand how holding a photo of a loved one who is no longer with us, or even a great grandparent you never met can be a powerful experience. Photos not only help us remember our loved ones, but they also help tell a story to our future generations.

outdoor wedding photo
wedding portrait of a bride in the church

The clothes we were at the time, the hairstyles and even the smiles pass down a story for those who come after us. Our future generations get a glimpse of our life… which helps them know you just a little bit better.

A groom with his siblings
wedding picture of a bride with her children
wedding ceremony collage
wedding photo of bride and groom
large group photos of wedding attendees

Everyone who attended their wedding in one photo!
This will be a precious memory that Dan and Bernice hold dear for years to come.

outdoor photo of a bridal party
A bride with her father
outdoor wedding photo
wedding photo of a bride and bridesmaid
portrait of a groom and his bestman
candid wedding photo of couple
outdoor wedding photo

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