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Acting Headshots | Boise Photographer

Acting headshots for aspiring theater and film actors is just one of the services Leap Photography provides. In fact, you would be surprised how many people from the Boise area have aspirations to work in this field.

Rachel is just one of many here in the treasure valley working on making this dream come true. Her father had been into my photo studio a few years ago to update his business headshot. He loved those photos so much that when Rachel started showing interest in the theatre arts, he reached out, inquiring about headshots for her.

acting headshot in Boise

Rachel walked into the photography studio with confidence and excitement. This bright young lady was excited to take the next step in achieving her dream job. At the time of this photoshoot, she was applying to be on the crew of a large stage production. She didn’t really care what job she got, as long as she got one and could gain valuable work experience.

Acting headshot of female

She’s incredibly comfortable in front of the camera! She knew what type of images she wanted to submit., and because of this, posing in front of the camera and making eye contact with the lens came easy to her. Plus this girl has the sweetest smile and some of the most expressive eyes… don’t you think?

acting headshot of a teenage child

My fingers are crossed for her and I’m wishing her the best of luck on this journey. At her age, you just really don’t know where your passions may lead you. Whichever path that is, I’m certain Rachel will be taking it with joy.

school portrait of a high school female
headshot of a teenager

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