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Employee Headshots: Simply LEDs

Every company should have a page of employee headshots on their website. Prospective clients like to see who they’re considering working with. It helps them build a connection with you and your business before you ever meet face to face.

The Vision

Simply LEDs was going through the process of rebuilding their website and they wanted to make their “about page” pop. They also wanted to send a statement to potential clients that their company is anything but ordinary. They sell lighting…. so the standard headshot with soft lighting and neutral backgrounds just wouldn’t do. Their marketing team and web designer had a clear vision in mind which included dramatic lighting. They forwarded a “vision board” to me and from there, we came up with the lighting scenario you see below.

headshots in boise photo studio
employee headshots for Boise lighting company
company headshots in boise
headshots in boise
business headshots at boise company

To Make It More Unique

To help highlight their individuality…. we also made sure to capture a “personality” photo of each employee. Each employee could bring their own props, or choose from a variety of choices provided to them.

At first some of the employees felt really awkward doing this… but in the end, it became a game of who could out do who. Each individual came into the camera room by themselves, with either props they had brought from home or tools they use to do their job. In the end, the marketing department chose the personality photos for each individual. Then…. on the website launch day, they had a small company party to reveal the personality photos to everyone.

personality headshots in boise
fun company headshots in boise
business portraits non traditional
boise employee headshots
unique employee headshots

If your company is looking to do a little something different with your employee headshots… give Leap Photography a call (208-703-7360). I’d love to chat more about your unique vision. ~Brenda Leap

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