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COVID Precautions | Boise Photo Studio

COVID is now a word used in everyone’s daily life. It’s impossible not to leave your house without being constantly reminded of it.

Here at the Leap Photography studio, the health and safety of our clients are important. Although I’ve always kept a clean studio… COVID precautions were set in place last spring to ensure yours, and my safety.

COVID Precautions

  • I wear a MASK during each photo session (indoor/out)
  • multiple HAND SANITIZER stations can be found throughout the studio
  • ALL SURFACES ARE SANITIZED between photo sessions. This includes the props used and all the doorknobs.
  • I keep a minimum of 6 FEET away from you during all photo sessions.
  • I’m working by APPOINTMENTS ONLY
  • No more than 5 people total are allowed in the studio at any given time (myself included)
  • Although I love my clients to pieces. I know have a NO PERSONAL CONTACT policy. Hugs, handshakes, and high fives are all off the table for now.
Photographer wearing face mask

COVID Precautions At Home

In addition to all of the above COVID precautions taking place in the photography studio, I practice safety measures in my personal life.

My husband and I have been practicing social distancing and we always wear our masks in public. Always. In fact… I’m pretty sure my husband has about 10 masks in his car alone. I now own more masks than I ever thought possible. In addition, all of our vehicles, computer bags, and my purse have bottles of hand sanitizer for us to use. We’ve always wiped down our shopping carts in the grocery store, but now we’re even more diligent. We order take out, we don’t dine in. Neither of us would attend a social gathering with more than 10 people… especially if it’s an indoor event and the list goes on.

In the few times that we’ve each been exposed, we’ve quarantined and been tested as soon as possible. In each situation, the test has come back negative. Thankfully the virus has not hit our household.

In the situations where I have had to quarantine I’ve postponed photo sessions, stayed at home, and did not resume studio sessions until I received a “negative” COVID test. My policy is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Yes, for most people it’s basically just the flu. However, it’s not like that for everyone and I couldn’t live with myself if I knew I was the one to give someone else the virus. Plus… if you’ve ever truly had the flu, not just a stomach bug… you don’t want to go through it ever again! BTW… I also get a flu shot every year.

If you have any questions about my COVID precautions… don’t hesitate to reach out.