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White Coat Ceremony | Boise Event Photographer

I’ve had the privilege of being ICOM’s official event photographer since the doors opened in the fall of 2019. They are Idaho’s first medical school.

This school was a long time in the making… but has been a great addition to Idaho and the Boise area alike.

What Is A White Coat Ceremony?

The White Coat Ceremony is actually quite a new tradition in some medical schools around the country. For those school hosting the event… it’s considered to be a right of passage for those pursuing careers within the medical field. The ceremony signifies the student’s transition from preclinical studies to the study of clinical health sciences.

white coat ceremony in Boise, Idaho

Every year ICOM brings in roughly 150 new students. These students spend two years on campus before leaving for their clinical rotations. They apply for rotations throughout the US, but many of these students remain in the Northwest. The White Coat Ceremony is just the first of many milestones the students achieve while pursuing their studies.

2 students before white coat ceremony
2 women before ICOM's white coat ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony takes place in the first few weeks of school…. but you’d never guess it from looking at these photos. From the moment these students arrive at ICOM they begin to form close bonds with fellow students and ICOM Staff.

candid event photo of medical students
Speaker during ICOM white coat ceremony

How Is Leap Photography Involved?

Leap Photography has been the official event photographer for the first two White Coat Ceremonies. It’s one of the few events a year that I bring in help and hire a second photographer. It’s no small task to document this event. 150+ students receive their white coats and then walk off stage to have a “formal” portrait taken.

event photo of white coat ceremony

A series of photographs is needed of the white coats being placed on each student by a faculty member or their family member who is a doctor. (For those student who have a parent, sibling or grandparent who is a doctor… they may elect to have their family member place the white coat on them.) Each student then goes to the “official’ photo area to have their headshot taken with their white coat on.

candid photo at white coat ceremoby

After the all the students have received their white coats… they collectively read an oath. Keynote speakers follow this oath.

event photo of students during a white coat ceremony
event photo of white coat ceremony
medical student with her mother

The photo above is an example of a student who received her white coat from her mother. The two stopped by the official photo area to have an image captured together. It’s a moments like these that made me want to become a photographer.

keynote speaker at a white coat ceremony

Keynote Speaker

A medical student and his father

I look forward to many more years of documenting this ceremony!

If you have an upcoming event which you need a photographer for…. check out my event photography portfolio. I’d love to be your event photographer. ~ Brenda