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Product Photography: Tatiana’s Millinery

The owner of Tatiana’s Millinery recently brought one of her custom creations into the studio to have some product photography work done. She was in the process of submitting one of her creations into an upcoming millinery competition in London. One of the submission requirements for the competition was to submit professional photographs of your entry.

product photography of millinery

Since I’m most well know for my portrait and event photography work… I thought I’d share a few examples from the photo shoot I did for her. Although I’m not well known in the Boise area for this style of photography… it’s an area of photography I know a lot about. I have extensive training in product photography. In fact, product photos were a huge area of study required to earn my B.A. in photography from Montana State University.

side view of custom made hat

Although I rarely wear hats myself, I truly appreciate the vision and skills required to create pieces of art such as this.

custom hat product photography

Thanks Tatiana’s Millinery for trusting me to photograph your millinery. I had fun photographing this item and hope to help you out with more product photography in the near future.