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Great wedding photos are at the top of almost every couple’s “must-have” list… but how do you make sure you achieve this goal?

1)  Interview Multiple Photographers
First of all…..Interview a minimum of 2 different wedding photographers before making your final decision.

Do some preliminary footwork online and also ask friends and coworkers who they recommend.  Then contact 2-3 of your favorite photographers from your research list and set up a consultation with each.  While with each photographer make sure to review their display albums and prints.  Also….have a list of questions ready to ask them.

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2)  Have An Engagement Session
Engagement sessions are a great time to work with your photographer on a one on one basis.  It’s just you, your fiance and the photographer.  There are no distractions of family, friends or bridal party.  You’ll get to know your photographer during this photo shoot and you’ll grow more comfortable in front of his/her lens in the process.  Plus….you’ll gain additional images which can be used in Save The Dates, Invitations, your wedding website and wedding reception decor.

3)  Wedding Day – Shot listI feel like this is an absolute must have on wedding day….and I personally won’t photograph a wedding without one.   I require all of my clients to sit down with me a few weeks before the wedding to help me come up with one.

I recommend that you sit down with your photographer before the wedding day and discuss all of your “must have” photos.  For example.  Give the photographer a list of all the family members who NEED to be in the more formal group photos.  In most cases this list should include immediate family only.  Grandparents, siblings, mom and dad, maybe an Aunt or Uncle who helped raise you.   Not your great Aunt Kitty whom you have not seen since you were two.

Also, please let us (the photographer) know  if there are any special circumstances which we should avoid, to reduce wedding day drama.  For example…if Aunt Nellie and Aunt Janice only fight when within 20 feet of each other…. let your photographer know this.  We can craft a wedding photography schedule which does not have them in the  same room at the same time.

4)  Hair, Makeup and Beards
Ladies:  You want to feel gorgeous on your wedding day.  And the best way to assure this happens is to have a trail run on hair and makeup.  Doing so allows you to work out all the kinks with your stylist before your wedding day.  You’ll feel great about how you look… and it will shine through in your photographs.

Gents:  Just like the ladies, you want to look your best.  I recommend having your hair trimmed one week before the wedding.  This way…if it is cut a bit short, you have time for it to grow out.  If you sport a beard.  Have it professionally trimmed/groomed a day or two before the wedding. It’s not only a treat to yourself but it will help you look your best  for the big day.  If you don’t have a beard and prefer a more clean shaven look, make sure to not forget to shave the morning of the wedding.  You could also schedule a professional shave for the morning of the wedding.  Either way, beard, mustache, no facial hair at all……treat yourself to a manly day out!  It’s your special day too!

5)  Trust Your Wedding Photographer
Once you’ve gone through the interview process, had your engagement photos taken and came up with a wedding day photo list…..TRUST your photographer.  We now know your likes and dislikes in regards to portraits and wedding photography… plus we are the pros on lighting and posing. Trust us to capture the gorgeous wedding day photos you have been envisioning.

If you are relaxed and trusting of your photographer it will shine through in your wedding photos.

6)  Take First Look Photos
If you don’t want to miss a minute of your cocktail hour/reception, schedule your portrait photos before the ceremony.   This  should include a special first look session for just the two of you.

The benefits of doing so will be 1)   you’ll be less nervous to walk down the aisle and  2) your hair and makeup will be perfectly fresh for photos.

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