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Great wedding photography is at the top of  almost every couples “must have” list… but how do you make sure you achieve this goal?

1)  Interview Multiple Photographers
First of all…..Interview a minimum of 2 different wedding photographers before making your final decision.

Do some preliminary footwork online and also ask friends and coworkers who they recommend.  Then contact 2-3 of your favorite photographers from your research list and set up a consultation with each.  While with each photographer make sure to review their display albums and prints.  Also….have a list of questions ready to ask them.

To find out more on how to choose a wedding photographer, you can jump on over to this article:  How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

2)  Have An Engagement Session
Engagement sessions are a great time to work with your photographer on a one on one basis.  It’s just you, your fiance and the photographer.  There are no distractions of family, friends or bridal party.  You’ll get to know your photographer during this photo shoot and you’ll grow more comfortable in front of his/her lens in the process.  Plus….you’ll gain additional images which can be used in Save The Dates, Invitations, your wedding website and wedding reception decor.

3)  Wedding Day – Shot listI feel like this is an absolute must have on wedding day….and I personally won’t photograph a wedding without one.   I require all of my clients to sit down with me a few weeks before the wedding to help me come up with one.

I recommend that you sit down with your photographer before the wedding day and discuss all of your “must have” photos.  For example.  Give the photographer a list of all the family members who NEED to be in the more formal group photos.  In most cases this list should include immediate family only.  Grandparents, siblings, mom and dad, maybe an Aunt or Uncle who helped raise you.   Not your great Aunt Kitty whom you have not seen since you were two.

Also, please let us (the photographer) know  if there are any special circumstances which we should avoid, to reduce wedding day drama.  For example…if Aunt Nellie and Aunt Janice only fight when within 20 feet of each other…. let your photographer know this.  We can craft a wedding photography schedule which does not have them in the  same room at the same time.

4)  Hair, Makeup and Beards
Ladies:  You want to feel gorgeous on your wedding day.  And the best way to assure this happens is to have a trail run on hair and makeup.  Doing so allows you to work out all the kinks with your stylist before your wedding day.  You’ll feel great about how you look… and it will shine through in your photographs.

Gents:  Just like the ladies, you want to look your best.  I recommend having your hair trimmed one week before the wedding.  This way…if it is cut a bit short, you have time for it to grow out.  If you sport a beard.  Have it professionally trimmed/groomed a day or two before the wedding. It’s not only a treat to yourself but it will help you look your best  for the big day.  If you don’t have a beard and prefer a more clean shaven look, make sure to not forget to shave the morning of the wedding.  You could also schedule a professional shave for the morning of the wedding.  Either way, beard, mustache, no facial hair at all……treat yourself to a manly day out!  It’s your special day too!

5)  Trust Your Wedding Photographer
Once you’ve gone through the interview process, had your engagement photos taken and came up with a wedding day photo list…..TRUST your photographer.  We now know your likes and dislikes in regards to portraits and wedding photography… plus we are the pros on lighting and posing. Trust us to capture the gorgeous wedding day photos you have been envisioning.

If you are relaxed and trusting of your photographer it will shine through in your wedding photos.

6)  Take First Look Photos
If you don’t want to miss a minute of your cocktail hour/reception, schedule your portrait photos before the ceremony.   This  should include a special first look session for just the two of you.

The benefits of doing so will be 1)   you’ll be less nervous to walk down the aisle and  2) your hair and makeup will be perfectly fresh for photos.

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Just For Kids: Studio Portrait Day | Children Photography | Boise

I’m excited to announce  “Just For Kids”!  A  studio photography event designed just for the little ones in all of our lives.
This portrait event is all about capturing the personality of your child!  So…I’m keeping the look simple and clean.  Just a white background, your child and their smile….or maybe frown….whatever they bring to the camera.  It’s all about capturing this phase in their life.
If it’s been awhile since you’ve had your children photographed…or maybe you’ve never had them photographed by a professional photographer…now is the time to do so!  Call, text or email Leap Photography today to reserve your session time.  Session times are limited and will fill fast! 
Children Photography Promotion

Corporate Headshots: On location | Boise Professional Portrait Photographer

Every once in awhile I get a call from a company who has a number of employees in need of a new professional headshot.  Sometimes this need stems from the company having a group of new hires.  These individuals will need to have an updated professional portrait to add to the companies printed and online sales literature.  Other times, companies are in the process of revamping their website and they’ve decided it’s time to capture a “new look” for marketing purposes.  In these cases I’m often asked to use a specific color background on everyone photographed so that the headshots help accentuate the “new look” the company is aiming for in their online presence.

Companies have the option of sending employees directly to my west downtown Boise studio or, Leap Photography can come to your place of business to capture studio portraits.  I do have a portable set of lights and backdrops which I can bring to you.  As long as you have an area in your office such as an empty conference room or the end of a hallway…I  can create a photo studio for the day, or just a few hours.  If I come to you, I just require that you have a minimum of 5 people whom I will be photographing while on site.

The photos below are examples of a photo shoot I did on site for Power Engineers in Meridian, Idaho.  Representatives from the company had requested to review backgrounds I have in stock that contained brown or blue tones.  I  sent them a number of images to review and select their background choice from.  Once a background was selected, we set up a date and time to capture the new corporate headshots.  Individuals photographed selected their favorite image while I was on site.  I then came back to the studio and completed retouching and requested enhancements.  Completed Images were delivered to Power Engineers within 48 business hours.


So….if you have a number of people in your place of business in need of a new headshot…consider having Leap Photography come to you.

Corporate Headshot in studioProfessional Studio Headshot of manBusiness Portrait of female in StudioCorporate headshot of man in blue suit


Still Booking 2017 Weddings | Boise Wedding Photographer

Have you been engaged awhile….but have been dragging your feet on booking your wedding photographer?  Don’t fear…Leap Photography still has some 2017 wedding dates available.  I’m also actively booking 2018 weddings.


Love just gets sweeter with time!  Why not hire a professional photographer to capture this special occasion?  Leap Photography has a passion to capture your precious moments… and turn them into cherished family heirlooms.


Call, text or email today to schedule your complimentary wedding consultation.


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St. John’s Wedding: Kevin & Olaia | Honalee Farms | Boise Basque Wedding

Kevin and Olaia’s winter wedding was held at St. John’s Catholic Church which is located in Boise’s historic Northend district.  No other church in Boise compares in beauty.  Stained glass windows adorn the walls.  Marble lines the floors and columns and of course, gold gilding can be found at every turn.

Before taking photos in the church, the couple decided they would like to have a series of wedding pictures taken at the Boise Train Depot.   This historic building and it’s grounds are gorgeous even in winter.  We wandered around outside the building, capturing images with the depot and downtown Boise in the background.

After the wedding ceremony,  guests arrived at Honalee Farm to celebrate the occasion.  Olaia is a Boise native and a part of the Basque community.  If you’re not from Boise, you might not understand what this really means.  The best way I can describe a Basque wedding to an out of towner is to say the words….. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  If you’ve seen the movie…you’ll get the idea.    Lots of family, lots of friends, great food and a wedding steeped in tradition.

The 300+ people in attendance arrived at Honalee Farms for the reception.  Olaia’s family restaurant “Epi’s” catered the event and friends and family danced the night away.  The highlight for me was the traditional Basque musician playing while the Basque dancers performed.

Congrats Kevin & Olaia!  I wish you many years of wedded bliss!

Bride and Groom outside Boise Train DepotFirst Look photo on wedding daybride and groom outside Boise Train Depotbridal party at Boise Train Depot WeddingWedding Portraits in front of St. Johns Churchbride on St. Johns Church alterPicture of groom on church alterbride and groom on catholic church alterbride and her bridesmaidscatholic wedding ceremonybride and groom kneeling in front of stained glass windowsFirst kiss during wedding ceremonynewly wed couple getting in limoNewly wed couple kissing while getting in limocollage of wedding reception decorFirst Dance at wedding receptionBasque musician playing at wedding receptionguests dancing at wedding receptionbride and groom with downtown Boise in backgroundbride and groom outside Boise Train Depot