Senior Portraits: Katya | Boise Photographer

Katya and her mother met up with me a little over a month ago to capture her senior portraits. At the time, Katya was just a few months away from graduation. She was in need of photos to not only commemorate the event… but to use in graduation announcements.

Senior Portrait location

Katya mother was the one who initially reached out. At first, the duo was not sure about what type of photo session they would like, studio or on-location. After some discussion, I discovered they really wanted photos with a relaxed natural look. With this in mind, I offered up some suggestions for potential photo shoot locations. After reviewing their options, it was decided Kathryn Albertson Park would be the best fit for Katya’s senior portrait session.

The Photo Shoot

The three of us met on a weeknight after school. I had never met either of these ladies before. So, while we strolled through the park capturing photos, we chatted and got to know each other a bit better. This helped make the experience for Katya as relaxed and fun as possible.

Although many high school seniors look forward to their senior pictures, they are often nervous on the day of the photo shoot. They have a lot of concerns about how to pose, what expression looks best and of course, what to wear. Many of them are also aware that their senior portraits are the photos which will remain on their parent’s walls for years to come. With this in mind, I try to make all of my photo sessions as laid back and relaxed as possible.

On any given day of the year, the areas of Kathryn Albertson Park which are usable for photos varies. Boise had been experiencing quite a bit of rain around the time of Katya’s senior portrait session. Although this made the grass a luscious green color, the ground was soaking wet! This made walking through some areas of the park a challenge. Katya and her mother were troopers! Although we were walking around and jumping over sections of mud… we all managed to leave the park relatively mud free.

Leap Photography… your senior portraits specialist!

Below are just a few of  Katya’s favorite images from her session.

If you or someone you know has a 2020 graduate… don’t forget…Leap Photography is more than just a corporate headshot and wedding photographer… we photograph high school seniors too! Contact us today to learn more

High School Senior female, wearing a beige dreess, standing in a green forrest area
Female High School Senior leaning up against a rock
senior picture of a high school graduate squatting in an open field
high school graduate standing in front of a large log inside Kathryn Albertson Park
senior picture of a female high school graduate.  Photo taken inside Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise

To review more senior portraits by Leap Photography… visit our website.

Marriage Proposal: Breanne + Rich | Boise Proposal Photographer

Rich contacted me late this past summer, looking to see if I was available to photograph his marriage proposal to Breanne.  He already had the ring and the events after the proposal itself planned… but needed a little help with the actual proposal itself.

Rich wasn’t sure where he should pop the question, or even just how.  I threw out a few ideas for locations and he decided upon Kathryn Albertson’s Park.  It was close to downtown where his dinner reservations for later in the evening where planned, and an early evening walk through the park sounded like a normal addition to date night.   Of course he wanted Breanne to be surprised when he popped the question…so doing something completely out of his normal bag of tricks just wouldn’t do.  He couldn’t risk tipping her off.

To make sure Rich and I were on the same page about the exact location in which he planned on popping the question, we set up a time to meet and walk through the park.  In this meeting we came up with the game plan for the evening and Rich selected the exact spot he was going to pop the question.  All I needed to do was show up with camera in hand, hide behind a bush and wait for the magic to happen…. and of course keep this secret from my husband, who just happens to be a friend of his.

The photos found below are just a few of my favorites from his proposal to Breanne.  There is nothing sweeter than being a witness to a friends engagement.

Congratulation Rich & Breanne!

man proposes to woman in park

man gives women an engagement ring

she says yes to proposal

couple hug and kiss in park

portrait of newly engaged couple

couple touch noses while looking at each other

Engagement Photo of just engaged couple

Senior Portraits: Matthew | Boise Portrait Photographers

Finally it’s spring, the time so many of us have longed for all winter long.  Along with the fresh green leaves and spring flowers comes the season of graduation ceremonies across the United States.   Matthew is just one of the hundreds who will be graduating from Boise’s, Bishop Kelly High School later this month.

Matthew and I met late last summer to capture photographs to mark his achievement.  He opted to have a combination of photographs taken in studio and outdoors.  Although we took many more photos….these are just of few of his favorites.

If you or are a loved one are currently a junior….give Leap Photography a call.  I’d love to fit you into my summer schedule and capture memories to last a lifetime.

High School Senior Portrait in Boisetux photo for Bishop Kelly yearbook

Boise High School Senior PhotographyBoise Senior Portrait PhotographerBoise Senior Portrait PhotographerBoise Idaho Senior Portrait photographers



Kathryn Albertson Park Wedding | Becky + Bob = Married | Boise Wedding Photographers

Becky and Bob contacted me earlier this summer, inquiring if I might have a few hours available on the Sunday of Labor day weekend.  I took a look at my schedule and indeed I did.

Becky and Bob mentioned they live in Colorado but would be driving through Boise in mid July….could we meet then?  My answer was “of course!”.  We met at their venue, Kathryn Albertson park.  It was at this meeting in which I discovered the reason the couple had settled on a Idaho wedding.  Many years ago, Becky’s father had worked for Joe Albertson.  Because of this, she has always had a special place in her heart for Boise.  It also didn’t hurt that Boise just happens to be a “half way” point for all of the family who would be in attendance.  Everyone, including Becky and Bob could easily travel to the event.


Becky and Bob’s wedding day was simple.  They began their day with a short service held in “The Eyrie” of Kathryn Albertson park and finished the day with a private dinner at Hotel 43.


Congratulations Becky & Bob!  I wish you many years of happiness.



The Eyrie, Kathryn Albertson Park wedding portrait in Kathryn Albertson Parkbrides bouquet, Boise Idahobridal party portrait in Kathryn Albertson Parkwedding rings in boxportrait of Boise groom with his children bride photographed with her childrenbride and groom in car


Bessire Family | Boise Family Portrait Photographers

The Bessire family and I got together last fall to update their family look.    Olive, the only child told her parents the family was overdue on having an updated family portrait taken.  Mom and Dad got to thinking…..”you know she’s right” and gave me a call.

Not only did Olive insist on a new family portrait….but she organized the wardrobe for the entire family as well.  I think she did a great job of coordinating the entire families outfits and choosing colors that worked perfect for a fall portrait session.




Benefits of a “First Look” | Boise Wedding Photographers

What is a first look and what are the advantages of having one on my wedding day?

In the past tradition has dictated the bride and groom not see each other on the day of the wedding before the ceremony.  This is no longer the case.  More and more of my couples are opting to get most of their photos taken and out of the way before the wedding festivities begin.  Doing so not only gets most of the family groupings and “formal” portraits out of the way….. but it frees up time for you to visit with friends and family during your reception.

If my bride and groom do decide to go ahead and see each other before the ceremony; I always set aside a few minutes of photography time just for the “first look”.

I’m sure you are asking…….what is a first look?  A first look is the few moments, early on in the wedding day, when the bride and groom see each other in their wedding attire for the first time.  Typically emotions run high.  Kind words are exchanged, tears are shed and many kisses are shared between the happy couple.

I’ve photographed many weddings throughout the years and some of my couples choose to have portraits taken before the wedding ceremony and others opt to wait until after the ceremony to have photographs taken.  I am flexible either way.  I understand a “first look” is not for everyone.  Whatever you choose to do as a couple…… I’ll make sure you get all the must have photos taken.  This said, there are some advantages to doing a first look that you might not think of.


HOW it works……………….. I find a beautiful, private spot, away from all the flurry of preparation and set your groom up with his back turned to you.  I’ll have you walk up close to your soon to be husband and get you all set up; dress, hair and make-up looking fabulous, and then I back away.  I ask the groom to turn around and look at you.  I discreetly stand at a distance, photographing the moments as they unfold.  This is a moment that is just between you and your (almost!) husband.  Being able to have this moment, just between each other, instead of in front of everyone during the ceremony allows for a different kind of intimacy, an intimacy which truly sinks in and allows you to enjoy what is just yours as a couple. And from this moment on, the day is spent together!

After capturing the “first look” photos…..we typically move on to photographing you and your soon to be husband alone.  After these photos are completed our next step would be to start adding on the must have group photos such as the bridal party grouping and any family groupings you desire.

Now it’s time for the ceremony!  The moment when you walk down the aisle.  This will be just as special as if you had not decided to have a “first look”.  You will both still be anticipating the moment the ceremony begins and you walk down the aisle.  After the ceremony, it’s immediately time to party! Time to celebrate with family and friends! You will not have to worry about making sure everyone is in the right place for photos after the ceremony and there will be no worrying about your guests waiting for you at the reception.

A first look can be a great thing and I’ve had so many brides tell me it was one of the best decisions they made for their wedding day, but no matter what you decide, the important thing is that you choose what is right for you and your groom as a couple.


A couples first look on their wedding dayFirst look on wedding day

Boise couple's first look on wedding day

Kezar Family | Boise, Idaho Portrait Photographers

Last fall the Kezar Family and I got together to update their family portrait.  It had probably been at least 5 years since their last session as a family.  In speaking with the family on the phone, I knew they really wanted to have fall color as their backdrop.  So….we set up a session for late October and crossed our fingers hoping mother nature would comply with our wishes.

Boy…did we luck out!  We had a perfect day for fall color.  In fact on the day of their shoot I’d say Boise was in the midst of the “peak” of it’s fall colors.  The only downfall was we had not so perfect weather.  During their portrait session we had to run for cover from the rain on more than one occasion.  When the rain let up, we ran back out and took more shots.

Thanks Kezar family for being such troopers.  Although we were all a little cold and wet…..we got some really great shots!


family portrait in Boise parkfamily portrait including brother and sister in Boise

family portrait in Boise Kathryn Albertson Park

portrait of couple, Boise, Kathryn Albertson Park

3 women, family portrait, Boise, Kathryn Albertson ParkFather & son, Boise family portraits

Family portraits, Boise Idaho, Kathryn Albertson Park

Boise Family Photographers | The Moore Family

The Moore family and I met earlier this summer to capture their family portrait.  In fact this portrait session was their first ever experience as a family with an independent photographer.  In the past they had always gone to one of the many chain studio’s in town for their portrait needs.

After viewing their proofs and comparing the prices to past experiences….they decided they should have came to me much sooner.  They now have portraits that much more accurately represent them as a family for about the same price.  Plus no more cheesy studio backdrops!

boise family standing in the tall grass.boise family laughing and having a good time.married couple portraitboise family in the park

Boise Engagement Photographers | Save the Date: Cody + Rae

I first met Cody about 6 years ago while photographing his sister’s wedding.  Our next encounter was a few years later when I called a tree company to remove a tree from my back yard.  A few tree removals later and Cody mentions “You know my sister and her husband”  I looked at him confused and he mentions, ” You photographed her wedding a few years ago”.

In the year’s since this particular conversation, Cody has continued to take care of the trees in my yard and I’ve photographed his sister and her growing family many times.  So…when Cody contacted me and told me he was engaged and needed engagement photos, I jumped at the opportunity.

Congratulations Cody and Rae!  You make an adorable couple.

OH…..if any of my readers are looking for a reliable, honest, reasonably priced tree guy….call Cody.  His company is Wright Way Tree Company. He does a great job and this is why I keep having him come back.  I highly recommend him.

young couple laying in the grass boise-engagement-portrait-photographers_002 save the date for a young couples wedding boise-engagement-portrait-photographers_004 boise-engagement-portrait-photographers_005