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Senior Pictures | Boise Photographer

Spring has sprung and it’s been a perfect time to capture senior pictures of 2021 graduates here in the Boise area. I’ve been photographing a number of students who had held off on their senior portrait sessions because of COVID. Joslyn is just one of those students who opted to wait until this spring to schedule her photo session.

Kathryn Albertson Park

In mid-April, we met up at Kathryn Albertson Park to capture her senior pictures. This location was selected because of the abundance of natural plantings, water features, and walkways. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely a must-see park. Located just a short distance from downtown Boise, this riparian park is a safe haven for numerous types of wildlife and a quiet place to enjoy nature.

Joslyn, myself, and her mother and sister all walked around the park, enjoying nature and conversation. Along the way, I captured shots of Joslyn.

After graduation Joslyn will be heading off to the military. She plans to eventually put the GI Bill to good use and secure a quality education. For now she’s excited for the new adventures which await.

outdoor portrait of Boise senior

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