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Awkward Family Photos | Boise Photographer

If you’re a fan of the Awkward Family Photos site... then you’ll love this post!

Why Awkward Family Photos?

The three siblings in the following photos met up with me one Saturday morning with the goal of creating a unique Father’s Day gift for their Dad. They’d decided they had to have their own set of awkward family photos and that they wanted to present them to their Dad in a photo album. I mean…. we have to keep it as authentic as the 80’s, and digital files weren’t a thing back then.

I’ve been patiently waiting to highlight these photos and it’s been killing me inside. I seriously laugh every time I see them. This photo shoot was nothing sort of silly and fun. All four of us were laughing and enjoying the 80’s playlist playing in the background.

Before The Photo Shoot

We all spent some time online before the photo shoot gathering ideas for the most awkward of awkward poses. In the end… the photos below were selected as their favorite. Without much further adieu… I present to you: “Awkward Family Photos by Leap Photography”.

90's themed family photo

There is only at least one in every group. In this case only our turtle neck loving brother was down for a “grandma appropriate” smile.

awkward family photo style group photo of siblings

A photo with everyone watching the bird in the corner was a must.

3 siblings photographed in awkward family photo style

We entitled these: Jazz Hands, Baby Doll and The Heisman

Awkward Family Photo with MTV jacket

It wouldn’t be an 80’s styled photo shoot without the MTV jacket.

awkward family photo style image of brothers

We found a similar pose to this online. By this time we took this photo we were all laughing so hard we figured why not, it can’t get any more awkward than this.

jazz hands family photo

Just because every great photo needs some awkward dance moves incorporated.

80's themed family photo

And finally, the 3 sibling pileup.