Marriage Proposal: Breanne + Rich | Boise Proposal Photographer

Rich contacted me late this past summer, looking to see if I was available to photograph his marriage proposal to Breanne.  He already had the ring and the events after the proposal itself planned… but needed a little help with the actual proposal itself.

Rich wasn’t sure where he should pop the question, or even just how.  I threw out a few ideas for locations and he decided upon Kathryn Albertson’s Park.  It was close to downtown where his dinner reservations for later in the evening where planned, and an early evening walk through the park sounded like a normal addition to date night.   Of course he wanted Breanne to be surprised when he popped the question…so doing something completely out of his normal bag of tricks just wouldn’t do.  He couldn’t risk tipping her off.

To make sure Rich and I were on the same page about the exact location in which he planned on popping the question, we set up a time to meet and walk through the park.  In this meeting we came up with the game plan for the evening and Rich selected the exact spot he was going to pop the question.  All I needed to do was show up with camera in hand, hide behind a bush and wait for the magic to happen…. and of course keep this secret from my husband, who just happens to be a friend of his.

The photos found below are just a few of my favorites from his proposal to Breanne.  There is nothing sweeter than being a witness to a friends engagement.

Congratulation Rich & Breanne!

man proposes to woman in park

man gives women an engagement ring

she says yes to proposal

couple hug and kiss in park

portrait of newly engaged couple

couple touch noses while looking at each other

Engagement Photo of just engaged couple

Facebook: Boost Your Business | Event Photography

The last 3 months I have been completely busy with event, wedding, business headshots, newborns and family portraits. My busy shooting and editing schedule has left me with little time to add new content here on the blog.

It’s been nuts around here to say the leas. It’s a good thing because I love what I do. Plus, I have a lot of photos to share with you in the near future.

A Huge Thank You

Since today is Thanksgiving… I thought I’d jump back into updating this blog and giving you, my readers a little insight into my life as a photographer.  Although I’m not the best at keeping this blog up to date; I do truly appreciate each and every one of my clients. I also appreciate everyone who reads this blog.  Your support helps me continue to be a photographer and for that I’m very thankful.  I can’t imagine a career doing anything else.

Facebook: Boost Your Business

So…. let’s start with an event I photographed this past August.  It was the “Facebook Boost Your Business” event which was held here in Boise.  Facebook brought their crew of experts into town to help teach small business owners about all the marketing opportunities Facebook has available to them.  In addition to having a few different keynote speakers, Senator Jim Risch being one of them, the organizers of the event even went so far as to creating panels of speakers from the local community.  A few panels included business owners actively using Facebook as a primary marketing tool and another panel included persons from local resources such as the SBDC (small business development center) and Zions Bank Business Resource Center to field questions from the crowd.

Facbook Boost Your Business Stage Decor

Each panel of speakers discussed some pros and cons about Facebook and how it relates to their business or their clientele.  Panel members shared success stories and stories of failure with the audience.  All great nuggets of info for the business owner in attendance to take note of and consider for future use in his/her own small business.  Each small business is unique and the best course for marketing varies from business to business. 

What Attendees Learned

Event attendees also learned about the current status of small businesses in Idaho and how these businesses impact the local economy.  For example… did you know 56% of Idaho’s work force are employed by a small business?  I didn’t!  Idaho actually beats the national average on this statistic.  Nationally only 47% of workers are employed by a small business.  With Black Friday right around the corner, this statistic makes me even more steadfast about a decision my husband and I made a few years ago. We try and only support local businesses. No big chains if at all possible.

Attendees of Facebook Boost Your Business Event
Photo Booth at Corporate Event

This was an event I really enjoyed photographing.  Not only did I meet a lot of really wonderful small business owners from the Boise area… I also gained some knowledge to implement in marketing my own small business.

Candid Photo of Attendees of Corporate Event

Speaker at Facebook Boost Your BusinessKatie Sewell of the Idaho SBDC starts the event off with a brief presentation.

Candid Photo of Event Attendees

Senator Jim Risch Keynote SpeakerSenator Jim Risch was the Keynote Speaker

Facebook Employee speaks at Boost Your Business

Photo of a Panel of Speakers

participant in workshop takes notes on computer

Paige Coyle, speaks on panel at Facebook Boost Your BusinessPaige Coyle, marketing director at Payette Brewing talk about how they implement Facebook marketing into their business.

Photo of speaker at Boise's Facebook Boost Your Business

candid photo of event attendee

candid photo of panel of speakers

Photo of male presenter at corporate event

Jessica Flynn of Boise Speaks at Facebook Boost your BusinessJessica Flyn of Red Sky PR moderates one of the panels.

Candid photo of a panel of speakers at a corporate event