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Chad just recently moved to Boise from the Salt Lake City area.  He works in the banking industry and his new employer requires each employee to have a set of up to date corporate headshots for company use.   His employer uses these headshots for press releases, inner office communication, local and national publications and all sales literature distributed to prospective new clientele.  The bank has only one requirement for the submission of business headshots.  All images must be taken in a portrait studio and implement the use of studio lights and backgrounds.

After asking around the office for referrals to studio photographers ….. Chad gave me a call.  I’ve photographed quite a few of his coworkers and know the image submission guidelines of the bank.  We scheduled the session and captured an image which not only fits the banks requirements…. but Chad is very happy with as well.


If you are looking for an updated headshot don’t hesitate to give me a call.  Studio sessions can be photographed all year long.  Rain or shine.

corporate headshot taken in studio

Studio Portraits | Boise Photographer

Jeanette, her mother Cheryl and I all met up at my Boise studio for a portrait session back in early May.  Jeanette contacted me in search of a studio photographer whom had multiple backgrounds to choose from and was willing to spend some time capturing a variety a different looks.  She had a variety of application in which she had a need for updated portraits and she wanted to cover all of her bases in one session.  After a few minutes of discussion and referrals to hair and makeup artists in the valley….Jeanette booked her session.


Jeanette desired a combination of  styles including the traditional corporate headshot, casual business portraits, a portrait to be used for personal use and a photo of her and her mother.  Jeanette’s style is relatively laid back, so I kept the backgrounds simple and the posing classic.  In the end…  Jeanette selected all the images highlighted below as her favorites from the session.


Thanks Jeanette.  It was a pleasure working with you!


Makeup by:  MUAH Salon

family portraits taken in studio

headshot taken in portrait studio, Boise Idaho

corporate headshotstudio portrait