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Studio Portraits | Boise Photographer

Jeanette, her mother Cheryl, and I all met up at my Boise studio for a portrait session back in early May.  Jeanette contacted me in search of a studio photographer who had multiple backgrounds to choose from and was willing to spend some time capturing a variety of different looks.  She had a variety of applications in which she had a need for updated portraits and she wanted to cover all of her bases in one session.  After a few minutes of discussion and referrals to hair and makeup artists in the valley….Jeanette booked her session.

Jeanette was looking for a combination of styles including the traditional corporate headshot, casual business portraits, a portrait to be used for personal use, and a photo of her and her mother.  Jeanette’s style is relatively laid back, so I kept the backgrounds simple and the posing classic.  In the end…  Jeanette selected all the images highlighted below as her favorites from the session.

Thanks Jeanette.  It was a pleasure working with you!

Makeup by:  MUAH Salon

family portraits taken in studio

headshot taken in portrait studio, Boise Idaho

corporate headshotstudio portrait