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Ilene Dudunake | New Vintage Wine Shop | Boise Portrait Photographers | HERLIFE Magazine

Ilene was selected as the November 2013 cover girl for HERLIFE Magazine.  If you don’t already know her….she is the owner of “A New Vintage Wine Shop” in Meridian, Idaho.  We thought it would be fitting to choose a a winery as the backdrop for her portrait session and Ilene suggested one of her favorite local wineries, Hells Canyon Winery.
Thanks Ilene for the suggestion.  The winery made a beautiful backdrop!
Ilene leaning up against a post
Ilene with a glass of wine in hand
Ilene lounging in front of a fire place
Ilene inside A New Vintage Wine Shop
Ilene sitting outside on the patio of an Idaho Winery
Ilene and her husband standing in an  Idaho vineyard
Ilene Standing amognst the grape vines