Why a Professional Photographer ?/ Boise photographer

5 Reasons to choose a
professional photographer

(even if it isn’t Leap Photography)

1) Qualifications: A professional photographer has an artistic and technical knowledge of
     photography.  A friend or family member may be able to photograph a pretty landscape but can they
     handle the technical lighting difficulties that may arise during the course of a wedding?  
     Professionals not only have an understanding of light but the ability to create unique lighting to
     enhance you, the bride and groom.

2) Experience:  Professionals are experienced in all the events of a wedding, including problems that can and do arise during the course of the day.  They know how to guide and direct large group
formals with tact and professionalism while dealing with the general chaos of  a wedding day.  All the while, still capturing your future family heirlooms. 

3) Equipment:  A working professional brings an arsenal of equipment with them to capture every aspect of the ceremony and reception.  A seasoned pro won’t leave home without a full set of back up cameras and supplemental lighting choices.

4) Creativity:  Because pros come with years of experience and hundreds of weddings under their belt, you can be assured to receive a variety of great shots to choose from, not just one or two nice shots from the entire day.  Professionals are visual story tellers.  All events and details of the day will be captured for you to relive for years to come.

5) Photo Editing:  Great photo editing is essential.  Pros go beyond just taking the pictures and handing you a disc.  The computer is the new darkroom for photographers and all working pros have top of the line software to edit and manipulate your images.  Pros edit out blinks or poor expressions as well as complete enhancements on photos.  This is all done before you ever see and fall in love with your images.

Yes, a professional may be more expensive; but is your once in a lifetime moment worth the risk of poor quality images?

Spice it up / Boise photographer

It’s that time of year when most business owners are reevaluating their bottom line, uprgrading their websites and coming up with new products for their line up.   Molly’s Mills is no exception.  
This business is in the process of upgrading it’s website and is in need of new photos.  The owner, Molly and I happen to be friends and she approached me awhile back asking for a little help.  I was more than happy to of course.  That’s what friends are for.

Mini Mill 3 pack
Spice grinder refill

8″ x 8″ Wedding Album | Boise Photographer

I finally decided it was time to upgrade my display materials and retire a few of the old beat up wedding albums I’ve had on hand for studio examples.  I was quite a bit overdue on doing so.  In fact, I believe it has been 2 or 3 years since I’ve ordered new display albums.

Wedding Albums By Renaissance Albums

After reviewing dozens of potential album companies, I decided to order the sexy red album shown below.  This one has a red silk shantung cover and it’s made by Renaissance Albums out of New York state.  This particular book style is included in all of the “Traditional Wedding” packages booked with Leap Photography.  This album style can also be purchased separately and used to make an album from your senior portrait session, family photo session or even your newborn’s photo session.

Each album is custom designed just for you.  You select your favorite images and Leap Photography designs the interior album pages.  A variety of cover materials including silk, linen, leather are available to select from.  Also, numerous colors and custom options such as imprinting are available for you to select from.  Plus, you’re guaranteed to have a one of a kind keepsake your children and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come.

What are you waiting for?  Call Leap Photography today to find out how you can preserve your precious memories in a one of a kind keepsake album.
wedding album coverI just want to touch the soft silk.  It’s so dreamy!
wedding album layout page one
wedding album binding, red silk
lay flat wedding albumlay flat pages
wedding album page spreadendless design layouts are possible with these books

2011 Wedding Party Show / Boise Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I once again participated in The Wedding Party Show.  I had a great time as usual and visited with many happy couples.  Both Saturday and Sunday were extremely busy.  I’m told we had over 1000 brides come through the doors through out the course of the weekend.  The largest attendance our show has had in 32 years.
I have to give a big thanks out to two people.  First, my husband for helping me set up and tear down the show.  Without his help every year my little space in the show just wouldn’t be what it is.   Second a big thanks to my friend Miranda who came down to the show once again to help me out.  She spent two long days working by my side talking to anyone who came through the booth.  Thanks so much guys!  I could not have done this without your help.

It’s that time of year again / Boise portrait photographer

I can’t believe it.  Another year has come and gone and it is once again almost time for the annual Wedding Party Show. Every year the show gets bigger and better and I have to admit I’m just as excited about this show as I was my very first solo show 3 years ago.  I love my job and couldn’t have asked for anything more.  
Big thanks go out to my mom and sister.  Mom, thanks for all those years of gentle encouragement.  Without your gentle nudges I may not have ended up pursuing photography as much as I did.  Becky, you were always a wonderful model when I needed someone to practice on.  You were always so obliging to pose in any way I liked.  Without the two of you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.