Minnie: The Kitten | Boise Pet Photographer

Well… my husband and I did it again. We got a new kitten! After much disagreement on potential names we settled on Minnie for her “official” name. Although she’s also been referred to as Peanut, Hot Dog and Frog Legs.

Minnie’s Older “Sister”, Jade

Not long after we had brought home Jade, (our 2.5 year old Tonkinese) our beloved kitty Kali became ill. Kali had been with us for about 12 years. One day Kali was obviously feeling very unwell. I took her to the emergency vet. We quickly discovered she had a large abdominal mass/cancer. It tore our hearts apart… but we had to have her put down. It was the most humane thing to do.

It’s been almost two years since that day, and we’ve been a one cat household ever since. Although Kali and Jade really didn’t get along… fairly quickly after Kali’s death we noticed Jade was exhibiting behaviors of boredom. She was getting into everything. We have many stories about the chaos she created within the house when we were away, but paperclips in particular were/still are her favorite toy.

Her passion and dedication for playing with paper clips had become a problem. She was digging through stacks of paper work, pulling binders off of bookshelves…. searching for paper clips anywhere she thought she might find them. I’d often come home to a home office which looked like a tornado had struck the room. (OH YEAH… she figured out how to wiggle the door open… 100 year old house… go figure). In turn the paper clips were all stacked in the bedroom on the bed or sometimes in her food bowl and my neatly organized office was an absolute disaster zone.

The Search For A New Playmate

So… we started to casually look for a feline friend. A younger “sibling” to divert her attention. We knew we wanted another Siamese and the search would take awhile.

Siamese kittens are highly sought after. Most people want one just for their colorful markings. My husband and I on the other hand are in love with the personalities of the breed. The first thing you learn when you introduce a Siamese into the house is that they are talkative. They have a tendency to talk to you about everything… any time of day. In our experience they have also been very affectionate, people loving critters. Siamese have no problems giving you a piece of their mind if need be, even if it is 2 am. They want you to know what’s on their mind. Plus, they’re incredibly smart. (Jade… paperclips, bookshelves… need I say more).


2 months ago my husband and I just happened to both be looking for kittens on the same day. A post came across the Happy Jacks Cat’s Facebook feed of Minnie. I set up an appointment to visit with Minnie that same evening and by 9 pm we had a new kitty in the house.

siamese kitten sitting

She was only about 3 months old when we brought her home. A mere 2 pounds. We’ve now had her almost 2 months and because we had taken photos of Jade when she was about 4/5 months old… we thought it only fair to do the same for Minnie.

This past weekend, I set up the studio in the house and captured Minnie’s first portrait. So… let me officially introduce you to the new addition in our household. Minnie.

siamese kitten standing looking left
siamese kitten sitting looking at the camera

Prom Photos: Katya | Boise Photographer

Although I’m a little late doing so… I just had to share these prom photos!

You may remember Katya from one of my posts earlier this year. During that photo session Katya and I had talked about her senior prom… which at the time was right around the corner.

The Planning Process

In the weeks leading up to prom night we had discussions about what type of photos Katya would like to have taken on prom night. She was leaning toward an urban style photo session while her Mother was leaning toward a more traditional setting. Maybe a location with trees in the background… not all graffiti and downtown scenery.

After reviewing a number of location options, we all decided Katya’s entire photo session should be photographed in downtown Boise. Specifically in the area of 6th and Main and the Basque block. As many Boise residents are already aware… this particular area of town is a mix of “old Boise” and “new Boise”. Trees, old historic buildings and modern buildings and landscaping are all found within a few blocks of each other. The three of us agreed, this would be the perfect location

Prom Photo at CW Moore Park
couples photo boise prom

Prom Night

On the evening of senior prom I met up with Katya, her boyfriend and her Mother. We met near the historic Belgravia building. We started the evening with photos in and around CW Moore Park.

After finishing up with photos at our first location, we took a quick walk over to the Basque block. Along the way I captured some fun shots of this couple in and around historic Boise buildings. I also snapped quite a few photos of Katya by herself… seeing as it was her high school’s prom.

senior prom pictures
prom photo in boise

Looking For Prom Pictures?

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