Canvas Wrap Prints | Boise Photographer

A while back I went on Facebook Live to talk about canvas wrap prints.  They are just one of the many great print options Leap Photography has available for our wedding, family and portrait photography clients. 

What Is A Canvas Wrap?

If you don’t know what a canvas print is… you’ll want to watch this video.  It’s only takes a few minutes.  I show you what a canvas wrap looks like and explain how they are made.

If you’d like to see one of these in person, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment to stop into the studio. I have quite a few examples in the studio and would be happy to let you take a look. ~Brenda

We Have Big NEWS! | Boise Photographer

The Big News!

As some of you may have already figured out by watching my social media… the Leap Photography photo studio has moved.  Many of you have asked why?  Well… let me get right down to that.

Why I moved The Studio

Leap Photography has been located in West Downtown Boise for the past 4 years.  I loved my location and my space within the building I was in.  So much so that I had no intentions of moving.  However, I had been leasing my studio space and when you lease, nothing is ever guaranteed.

The building my studio was located in had been on the market for quite some time.  Potential buyers had been through… but no one seemed interested in purchasing.  However, I knew having to move was a possibility.  I loved the space so much I decided to wait it out and see what might happen when a new owner did take over.  Doing so kept me in the building for about a 1.5 years after it initially went on the market.

A little over a month ago, on November 1st,  new owners took over the building.  These new owners just happen to be a church.  They purchased the building with the intentions of renovating the entire space and turning it into their meeting space…. hence my having to move out.  All the renters in the building were given until January 1st to move out, but I got lucky enough to find a new home quite quickly.

Leap Photography’s New Studio Location

As of December 8th, 2018 Leap Photography’s new home is in the historic Alaska Center in downtown BoiseOur new address is 1020 W Main St #200.

Although all of my stuff is in the new space, I’m not yet meeting people there.  Moving a photo studio is quite an ordeal.  Prints needed to be packaged and transported with care and I discovered backgrounds and props I had forgotten about.  In addition, I was continuing to photograph events, weddings and on location headshots during the move.  My plate has been a bit full to say the least.

 Now that I have moved all of the studio belongings, I need to get reorganized, hang prints on the wall and get the space presentable for the public.  As of today, the space is a mess and not ready for the eyes of anyone but myself or my husband!

Because the space is not yet organized, I don’t have photos of the interior to show.  However I can show you images of the outside of the building.  I will show photos of the interior as soon as I’m set up and fully moved in.

In the meantime I thank all my clients who have been so patient with me through this move and look forward to my time in this new space.

Exterior of Alaska Center in downtown Boise
Street view of the side of the Alaska Building in downtown Boise, ID
back side of the Alaska Center Building in downtown Boise