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So… What’s Wrong With Using A Selfie On LinkedIN? And Why Do I Need To Have A Professional Headshot?

In today’s digital era if you own a business or are looking for a job… you need to put your best foot forward.  Sure… having a great bio page or a rockin’ resume is helpful… but don’t forget potential customers and employers can now use the power of google to find out more about you.  The first stop they often make is to check out your headshot.  Judgements are made about you immediately, just by the image you use online to promote yourself.

With this said, why would you use a selfie or snapshot on LinkedIn or your company website?  You want people to think of you as a professional.  One who cares enough about them self  and their business to use a professional portrait.  Ideally, you need to be using a headshot which has been taken within the last 5 years.  If you have lost weight, changed your hair color or maybe no longer sport those glasses from 1997… it’s time to upload a new portrait.

A Perfect Example Of Someone Who Needed An Updated Headshot.

The photos below of Kimberly fit these scenarios perfectly.  The headshot she had been using was not only about 10 years old… she’d also lost a substantial amount of weight.  She looked different.  Her old portrait no longer reflected her current self.  Plus the colors she was wearing in her old headshot did not look good with her current logo.  It was time for an update and she called me to help her out with this.

When Kimberly came into the studio she showed me her current business card design with logo and branding colors.  She also decided to wear clothing that incorporated colors from her business logo.  The combination of her showing me her card design and wearing clothes which complimented her business colors, were very helpful.  She now has a business card and website that reflect her brand brilliantly.  Her business literature looks well thought out and professional.

So, if you are looking for a new job or way overdue for a headshot… give Leap Photography a call.  We will talk about your vision and decide whether a studio or on location portrait session is best for you.


studio portrait on white background

business portrait of woman

Headshots: Aviation Specialties | Boise Photographer

This blog post is all about some headshots I took for Aviation Specialties.  Their two founding owners were in need of up to date professional portraits.  They had been notified their company would be being featured in an upcoming article in Vertical Magazine.  The publication was requesting current headshots of both owners… to accompany the article.

Aviation Specialties contacted me, inquiring if I was up to the challenge.  The challenge being two fold.  One, did I feel comfortable photographing each individual inside the helicopter hanger.   Preferably with the helicopters some how incorporated into the images.  Challenge two, neither of the gentleman in need of portraits, wanted to have their photograph taken.  In fact, they were already “grumbling” quite a bit about the idea.   Did I think I could handle a few gentleman not eager to have their portrait taken.  I said heck YES, I was totally up to the challenge!

For those of you who are not aware of what Aviation Specialties does… they specialize in aviation products.  They design and sell a variety of products, including night vision equipment and tactical helmets.  Pilots throughout the world use their products.  They are leaders in their industry and they just happen to call Boise, Idaho home.

The images posted below are just a few of those selected as favorites by “Aviation specialties”.  In fact, you’ll find the tear sheet from the magazine article at the bottom of this post.  It highlights a few of the images taken by Leap Photography.

headshot of helicopter pilotprofessional portrait of helicopter pilotcorporate headshot taken on work siteportrait of pilot in helicoptertearsheet of magazine layout

Wild Rose Park Wedding | Idaho Wedding Photographer

Weddings do not always need to be large elaborate affairs.  For many couples, a small gathering is what is desired.   In these situations a friends gorgeous backyard or a local park often end up becoming the wedding venue of choice.

The couple featured in this post hosted a perfect example of what a small intimate affair can look like.  Jim & Julie decided to exchange their wedding vows at Wild Rose Park, located just outside of Emmett Idaho.  Jim and Julie wanted only those who meant the most to them be a part of their special day.  Therefore, they only invited their family and very close friends.  In total, there were fewer than 40 people in attendance.

This event was the definition of intimate… right down to their choice in an officiant.  Jim and Julie chose their friend and church pastor to preside over the ceremony.  His sermon in addition to the heartfelt vows exchanged by Jim & Julie created an emotional wedding ceremony.

Once the ceremony had concluded the crowd gathered together for one large group photo (see below).  After this formality, the crowd moved to the opposite side of the part to celebrate.  Jim & Julie brought in a taco truck to provide food for their guests and had refreshments on hand.  Everyone in attendance gathered together, enjoyed the cool evening breeze and enjoyed their time together.

I for one immensely enjoyed photographing this event.  It was an enjoyable way to spend a weeknight evening.  I met great new people, spent some time in the park and got to do what I love.  Plus, I photographed a milestone in someones life.  I helped create memories at this wedding… and this is what my job is all about!  Helping my clients tell a story, with high quality photos.  Photos, which one day will become your treasured family heirlooms.  ~Brenda

wedding portrait in park

wedding ceremony

ring exchange wedding portrait in park

group photo of wedding guests

family portrait of mother and 3 boys

bridal portrait of newly married couple

bride with her college room mates

portrait of bride and groom kissing

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