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Graduation Season is just around the corner for our nations high school and college seniors.  For these young adults and their families… it’s not only a time to celebrate accomplishments, but it’s a  time to document this special occasion.  It’s a time of excitement and great change for these young adults.  Possibilities lurk around the corner and the excitement for change is in the air.

In my opinion,  high school seniors and college graduates alike should document this special occasion with professional portraits.  It’s a milestone in life which deserves to be captured in photos, and preferably by a professional photographer.  The excitement for the future is so present in our youth’s faces.  It’s an excitement worth being captured and printed on paper for not only them…. but their future generations.  This young person will someday be a parent, a grandparent… and let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy reviewing photos of our parents and grandparents from their youth.  I know I do!  Heck…. I laugh and grimace at my own high school senior portraits.  (Oh my the 90’s hair!).   Today’s youth is no different.  Their children and grandchildren will appreciate viewing their parents and grandparents senior photos as well!

With that said, the images below are of Baylee.  A recent college graduate.  I was so happy when her mother approached me inquiring about senior photos and mentioned that they both would like to have the photos taken on campus.  We set a date and met on the College of Idaho’s campus for an evening session in the spring.  We captured a number of great photos of Baylee alone and quite a few with her and her mother.  It’s an accomplishment for each of these ladies… so having a few family photos thrown in was important to these two.

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senior photo of college graduate

portrait of college senior

Portrait of mother and daughter

Outdoor Senior Portrait

Family Portrait of a mother and daughter

outdoor headshot of female


fun family portrait

The Reynolds Family: Studio Portraits | Boise Family Portrait Photographer

I think it’s safe to say that all of us at one point in our life have been an active participant in a family portrait session.  I for one know from first hand experience that gathering the troops for a portrait session…. especially the men… can be a daunting challenge.  Sorry guys….but I for one think I’ve heard every excuse in the book from my own father, brother, husband and brothers in law trying to get out of portraits.  Therefore I sympathize with everyone who just wants to capture an up to date family photo.

In the last 10-15 years I’ve seen the outdoor family portrait become the norm.  And with that trend I’ve also heard many complaints from all age groups and genders about being to hot, cold, or generally uncomfortable during the outdoor portrait session.

So many people assume having your family photographed in the outdoors is the only way to go.  This simply is not true.  Outdoor photo sessions are not for everyone,  plus…logistically they don’t always work.   If your family is gathering in the dead of winter, or maybe they’re just not outdoorsy folks, consider a studio photo.  Leap Photography does offer studio portraits to our clients any time of year… rain, snow or shine.

Yes, family portraits  taken in a the photo studio do lend to a more traditional look on average, but this is not always the case.  The clothing you choose along with your preferred background style can change the look and feel of your portraits.  So….if you’re aiming for a more casual family portrait just let me know this in advance and we can talk about different background colors such as plain white, or gray…. and we can talk about your thoughts on clothing choices.

Below are a few of the Reynolds Family favorite images from their studio portrait session.  As you can see…. the images are not overly formal.  Casual clothing helped give this family a new photo, with a relaxed look to add to the family album.

Thanks Reynolds family for trusting Leap Photography to capture this moment in your families story.

Family PortraitStudio Portrait of brothersprofessional family photo