Back To School: Mini Sessions | Boise Portrait Studio

Most of the Treasure Valley went back to school this week and with that comes school photo day.  Although all students are photographed on school photo day….primarily for school records (ID Cards, school administration software…etc.) you as a parent DO NOT have to purchase those photos.  In fact….it’s a little known fact…but you can submit photos from an outside photo studio to the yearbook staff. 

Unfortunately…to many parents settle for the photo taken at the school. The primary reason being they feel that going to a professional portrait photographer such as myself is simply just out of their price range.  I’m here to tell you that’s not true!  Quality portrait photography is affordable.

Leap Photography has designed a “Back to School” photo day just for parents who want to be on hand when their child is photographed.  The date is set or September 9, 2017.  You’ll get to make sure their hair is perfect, their clothing is impeccable and YOU WILL GET TO CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE IMAGE.   A proof gallery will be uploaded online…and you will select your favorite image.  You don’t get that option on school photo day!

So….if you have a pre-k to 11 th grade student…..what are you waiting for?  Call or email  Leap Photography today to schedule an appointment for your student(s).


Back To School Portrait Special