Actor Headshots | Boise Portrait Studio

Erika came into the Leap Photography studio at the beginning of the year.  Her goal… to get updated professional headshots to submit with job applications.

She’s currently a Boise State University Student working on her Theater degree.  Part of the program requires students to volunteer for local production companies, gaining experience behind the scenes.  It’s certainly a great way to really gain insight on the business of theater… but it’s not where her passions lie, which is in acting.  So… along the way she has also been picking up small parts here and there.  Acting in plays as the opportunities present themselves… gaining some much needed experience for her next step.  Her paid internship.

She’s finally reached that stage in her education and she couldn’t be more thrilled.  She’s turning in applications, along with her new set of studio headshots to all her preferred production companies.  She is crossing her fingers that her preferred pick comes through and hires her on.

In the meantime I’ll cross my fingers for her.  Best of luck Erika!

Actor HeadshotProfessional Picture of an Actress


Jade: The Kitten | Boise Pet Photographer

For those of you who know my husband and I well…you know we LOVE our kitties.  They are spoiled rotten and very well taken care of.

For years we had 2 Siamese cats… Shiva and Kali.  They greeted us at the door every day when we came home and they snuggled up in bed with us every night…giving us hugs and kisses.

Last July we had to put our beloved Shiva down.  As you can imagine, my husband and I were devastated.  Shiva had been our friend and companion for 15 1/2 years.  People always commented on how she was more like a dog than a cat.  She had been with us on at least 3 road trips to Montana.  She had also been on a few camping trips with us and of course after 15 years of companionship… she’d been with us during some of the big milestones in our life.  She was a smart, talkative, caring soul. Not only did my husband and I grieve for her passing…but our other kitty, Kali has missed dearly as well.

For a few months we had been mulling over the idea of introducing a kitten into the house.  We felt Kali was getting lonely while by herself during the day and each of us had mentioned the house seemed a little too quiet now that we only had one feline friend roaming about the house.  Both of us had started casually looking at pet adoption web sites.  We’d even stopped into the Humane Society a time or two to take a look around, but never found a Siamese.

After living with 2 Siamese cats for 15 years… we knew we wanted another.  We also knew adopting a Siamese was going to take time.  It’s a popular breed and people don’t typically give them up.  We contemplated purchasing from a breeder… but hadn’t taken the Leap (no pun intended).  Then one day I was on Facebook.  What comes across my feed but a photo of a cute Siamese kitten.  Happy Jack Cats was looking for a forever home for a kitten, which they had described as a Tokinese.  Tonkinese are a crossbreed of the Siamese and Burmese breeds.  I forwarded the link to my husband… asked what he thought.  He said, “well it can’t hurt to inquire…she’s probably already adopted”.  I contacted Happy Jacks and she was not adopted.  So, I set up an appointment to see her later in the day.  The minute I walked through the door she walked right up to me and rubbed her head against my leg.  She had me!  I adopted her on the spot.

She’s been with us about a month now….and I normally don’t take studio portraits of my own kitties but… Happy Jacks asked for photos of her to use in their marketing materials.  Plus….they’re putting together a 2018 Calendar.   We of course said YES….because come on….isn’t she gorgeous!  (Yes.  I might be just a bit biased)

So….I introduce to you JADE!  The new love of our lives.



Siamese kittenCloseup of Siamese kitten with green eyeslounging Siamese kittenCurious Siamese kitten