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I know there is quite a bit of controversy about if you should or should not have a professional head shot taken.  My answer is yes…. especially if you own your own business, have a picture of yourself on a company website,  have a LinkedIn profile and especially if you’re a real estate agent.  You’re probably ask why is it so important.   Well….let me list just a few of my reasons.


1)  You need to put your best image forward.

We live in a digital age.  Potential clients and employers get online and research you before ever considering to do business with you.  They are literally forming a first impression of you from the minute they click onto your website or LinkedIn page.  Therefore, you need to show yourself in the best possible light… use a professional headshot.  One taken by a professional photographer.  Do not use a snapshot or a selfie.  If you are currently


2)  A profession portrait conveys a message.  One which states you take yourself and your line of business seriously.

Making a small financial investment in your professional image shows that you take both yourself and your career seriously.  The simple act of using a professional headshot instead of a snapshot of yourself conveys an image of professionalism.  Potential clients and employers will take you more seriously.


3)  Quality portraiture helps you brand yourself

Using a professional image helps people put a face with the name.  They are more likely to remember you and keep you in mind the next time they are looking to hire someone within your profession.


So….have you decided it’s time for you to update your image?  If so, give me a call.  I’d love to help you with your portrait needs.



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CW Moore Plaza Wedding: Jaci + Tracy | Boise Wedding Photographers

Jaci & Tracy’s downtown Boise wedding was one of my favorite of the 2015 wedding season.  These two ladies not only have smiles that are contagious, but they have a sense of humor which keeps those around them in a constant state of laughter.

This dynamic duo has been together for a number of years… living as wife and wife.  In the fall of 2014 Idaho legalized same sex marriages and Jaci and Tracy decided they wanted to have what so many other couples have… a wedding.  Plans were soon set into place.  A venue was chosen as well as a wedding planner, decor company, caterer, florist, DJ and a photographer.  If they were going to finally have a wedding, they were going to have all the things they always wanted but never thought they could have.  They were going to have a celebration!

The date they chose was October 3rd and YES…it was a celebration.  Family and friends gathered from both near and far.  All who were present, myself included, were engulfed in a bubble of love and laughter.  SO MUCH LAUGHTER!

Congratulations Jaci and Tracy!  You make are perfect together.



Venue:  CW Moore Plaza

Wedding Planner:  Lindsey/ Bliss Events

Decorations/Floral:  Bliss Events

PhotographyLeap Photography

DJ:  VCI Audio

Catering:  A Lively Chef

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Sneak Peek: Jaci & Traci | Boise Wedding Photographers | CW Moore Plaza

Fall 2015 was incredibly busy for Leap Photography and needless to say…..I’m very behind on blog posts.  So for today I’m just going to show you a little teaser of a full blog post to come.  Jaci & Traci’s wedding.

This is just one of my favorite images from their wedding day.  Keep checking in…..a full blog post will be posted, filled with more of my favorites will be posted in the next few days.