Kathryn Albertson Park Wedding | Becky + Bob = Married | Boise Wedding Photographers

Becky and Bob contacted me earlier this summer, inquiring if I might have a few hours available on the Sunday of Labor day weekend.  I took a look at my schedule and indeed I did.

Becky and Bob mentioned they live in Colorado but would be driving through Boise in mid July….could we meet then?  My answer was “of course!”.  We met at their venue, Kathryn Albertson park.  It was at this meeting in which I discovered the reason the couple had settled on a Idaho wedding.  Many years ago, Becky’s father had worked for Joe Albertson.  Because of this, she has always had a special place in her heart for Boise.  It also didn’t hurt that Boise just happens to be a “half way” point for all of the family who would be in attendance.  Everyone, including Becky and Bob could easily travel to the event.


Becky and Bob’s wedding day was simple.  They began their day with a short service held in “The Eyrie” of Kathryn Albertson park and finished the day with a private dinner at Hotel 43.


Congratulations Becky & Bob!  I wish you many years of happiness.



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