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Sigh….. were to start.  This post is an emotional one.  It’s all about looking back.  In this case looking back to the life of a beloved Aunt and also looking back to the place where my love for photography began.  To be honest… I’m already tearing up writing this post, and I’m only one sentence in.

Last week I went HOME.  The place where I spent the first 18 years of my life.  The place I will always, to the day I die, think of as home.  Sure I love Boise, I’ve lived her for 15 years and I have no desire to move.  I do consider it home, but the old family ranch has a special place in my heart.  It’s hard to explain.  It’s not the old house that draws me in.  It’s the scenery, the never ending wind….. the smell of the dry summer grass, the complete calm that over comes me every time I drive over the hill and see the old home place.  It’s just home.

This little place in Montana is not only special to me… but the entire Leap Clan.  This is the place were my siblings and I were born and raised, my Dad and his two sisters were born and raised and my grandpa spent his entire life.  Lots of memories reside within these property lines for each one of us who spent any time here.

It all started in the early 1900’s when my great grandfather had the idea to move out west.  To homestead.  He chose a remote piece of property in Central Montana and built his place.  He and my great grandmother set roots and the family has been attached to the land every since.  Although my father had to sell the ranch a few years back, we all still feel drawn to the land.

I’d like to say I returned home just for all the warm fuzzies I get when I turn down the road to the place, a road the county has now named “Leap Lane”.  The 1.5 mile drive down the road, round the corner and over the hill to see the ranch emerge through the rolling hills is one that can make you feel happy.  Unfortunately this time, that was not the case.  The drive down the road brought tears to my eyes.  This time, the return home was not only the first time I’d been back to the ranch since before my father sold the place… but it was for a very important family gathering.  The entire family gathered together to accomplish one goal.  To spread my Aunt’s ashes.  She’d been fighting MS for 21 years, and she finally lost the battle last September.  It was her final wish to “go home”.  To spend eternity in her favorite spot on earth.  At the top of the hill, where the wind always blows looking down on the ranch.

So, we all went home.  Home to spread Linda’s ashes and while their take a deep breath, soak in the scenery and reflect on a lady that had touched us all in her own special way.

This post is for you Aunt Linda.  You will now always be HOME!

Leap Lane signNo Hunting sign in Central Montanagroup of people looking down on ranchLeap Ranch 2015view from a top a hillpeople gathered for memorial serviceold Leap Ranch in Central Montana2 men walking on a roadround hay bails in a fieldold homestead in Central Montana


Cindy & Karl Tied The Knot | Boise Wedding Photographers

Cindy and Karl exchanged vows last month.   An early afternoon reception followed the nuptials with all the festivities being held in the backyard of Karl’s childhood home.  A sandwich buffet was served along with cupcakes and refreshments.

Congratulations Cindy and Karl!   It was a pleasure getting to know you this past year!  I wish you many years of happiness.

Boise Bride getting ready Boise Bride putting on earrings portrait of Boise Bride bride and groom wedding rings wedding ceremony wedding ceremony bridal party at Boise wedding Boise bride and groom large group portrait

Go Red For Women 2015 | Boise Event and Corporate Photographers

Once again I stepped in and helped out with the American Heart Association’s annual event… Go Red For Women.  Every year women gather together to not only support the American Heart Association and their efforts on raising funds to support heart and stroke research, but to participate in one of the many educational “break out sessions”.  In these sessions ladies pick up helpful tips on how to be more heart healthy.

Alone with all the educational events, a photo booth area is also available to attendees.  It’s a fun way for ladies to create a keepsake from their day at the event.  Props are provided and ladies can gather together for a group portrait or even just have a photo taken by themselves in the photo booth area.

Here is a selection of just a few of my favorites from this year’s event.

portrait of two Boise women at Go Red For Women Spuddy Buddyportrait of two women at Boise Go Red For Womenportrait of woman at Go Red For Women BoiseSpuddy Buddy + Guestportrait of two women at Boise Go Red For Women Luncheonportrait of three women at Go Red For Women BoiseSpuddy Buddy poses with man at Boise Go Red For Women luncheon