Kezar Family | Boise, Idaho Portrait Photographers

Last fall the Kezar Family and I got together to update their family portrait.  It had probably been at least 5 years since their last session as a family.  In speaking with the family on the phone, I knew they really wanted to have fall color as their backdrop.  So….we set up a session for late October and crossed our fingers hoping mother nature would comply with our wishes.

Boy…did we luck out!  We had a perfect day for fall color.  In fact on the day of their shoot I’d say Boise was in the midst of the “peak” of it’s fall colors.  The only downfall was we had not so perfect weather.  During their portrait session we had to run for cover from the rain on more than one occasion.  When the rain let up, we ran back out and took more shots.

Thanks Kezar family for being such troopers.  Although we were all a little cold and wet…..we got some really great shots!


family portrait in Boise parkfamily portrait including brother and sister in Boise

family portrait in Boise Kathryn Albertson Park

portrait of couple, Boise, Kathryn Albertson Park

3 women, family portrait, Boise, Kathryn Albertson ParkFather & son, Boise family portraits

Family portraits, Boise Idaho, Kathryn Albertson Park

Volunteer of the Year | Leap Photography | Boise Event Photographers

Over the past five years you may have noticed I have quite a few blog posts that revolve around the American Heart Association.  This is because I’ve been providing my time and services to the AHA to help them promote all the great things they do within our community throughout the year.

Although I feel like I’ve done very little ….. a number of people felt differently and nominated me for the Volunteer of the year award.

The video below is taken on the day I found out I had actually won the award.  Up until this point I thought all the nominees would be going through a video interview.  As you will see, I quickly found out this was not the case.

Here it is…..the American Heart Association-Idaho video of me finding out I’m “Volunteer of the Year”