Boise Family Photographers | The Moore Family

The Moore family and I met earlier this summer to capture their family portrait.  In fact this portrait session was their first ever experience as a family with an independent photographer.  In the past they had always gone to one of the many chain studio’s in town for their portrait needs.

After viewing their proofs and comparing the prices to past experiences….they decided they should have came to me much sooner.  They now have portraits that much more accurately represent them as a family for about the same price.  Plus no more cheesy studio backdrops!

boise family standing in the tall grass.boise family laughing and having a good time.married couple portraitboise family in the park

Dividends Through Diversity | Event Photography

Event photography is kind of my specialty here at Leap Photography. In fact, I love photographing events such as this one hosted by M.E.T.A.

What is M.E.T.A?

M.E.T.A. stands for Micro Enterprise Training Assistance. This non-profit organization helps serve the often overlooked. Small businesses needing assistance with items ranging from training in marketing, to assisting in funding loans.

Dividends Through Diversity

This once a year event honors entrepreneurs from underserved communities. Each honoree has positively impacted our community through launching a successful business. Honorees come from the green business, refugee, Hispanic and women-owned communities. 

Register Today!

The 2014 “Dividends Through Diversity” Dinner is one month away. Register today to attend……or contact M.E.T.A  to find out how you can be a sponsor.

Here are a few photos from last year’s event.

Update (3-18-20): M.E.T.A is now called Economic Opportunity

To view more photos from the 2013 event jump on over to: M.E.T.A 2013. And if you’re planning an event and would like to inquiry about Leap Photography’s event photography services… reach out. I’d love to chat!

Boise Engagement Photographers | Save the Date: Cody + Rae

I first met Cody about 6 years ago while photographing his sister’s wedding.  Our next encounter was a few years later when I called a tree company to remove a tree from my back yard.  A few tree removals later and Cody mentions “You know my sister and her husband”  I looked at him confused and he mentions, ” You photographed her wedding a few years ago”.

In the year’s since this particular conversation, Cody has continued to take care of the trees in my yard and I’ve photographed his sister and her growing family many times.  So…when Cody contacted me and told me he was engaged and needed engagement photos, I jumped at the opportunity.

Congratulations Cody and Rae!  You make an adorable couple.

OH…..if any of my readers are looking for a reliable, honest, reasonably priced tree guy….call Cody.  His company is Wright Way Tree Company. He does a great job and this is why I keep having him come back.  I highly recommend him.

young couple laying in the grass boise-engagement-portrait-photographers_002 save the date for a young couples wedding boise-engagement-portrait-photographers_004 boise-engagement-portrait-photographers_005

Warm Lake Idaho wedding photographers | Ingrid + Alex

It has been quite a wait for the nuptials of Ingrid and Alex.  The couple patiently waited while Alex was on deployment…..and then waited about a year more to hold the big celebration.


What a celebration it was!  The whole family spent the week leading up to the wedding, together camping and having a great time at Warm Lake.  As the week progressed friends started joining the celebration by joining in on the camping and fun.  The week came to an end with a big bang on Saturday. It was finally time for the wedding.


The ceremony was held on the North Shore beach and the following festivities at the North Shore Lodge.  Everyone danced the night away.

Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_001ABoise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm Lake_002  Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_004 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_005 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_006 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_007 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_008 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_009 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_010A Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_010B Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_010C Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_011A Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_012A Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_012B Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_013A Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_014A Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_014B Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_015 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_019 Boise_Idaho_Wedding-Photographers_Warm-Lake_020 Boise-Wedding-photographer_Warm-Lake_Idaho_003