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Ponderosa Areo Club
Fly it Forward
Recently I was assigned to photograph one of the ladies behind the local “Fly it Forward” program held by the Ponderosa Areo Club.  Fly it forward is designed to help get women involved in aviation either as a hobby or a career.
To find out more about Fly it Forward and the Ponderosa Areo Cub… can read the full article here:  HERLIFE Magazine (February 2014)
female pilot photographed by her plane
female pilot photographed in the cockpit
female pilot under the wing of the plane

Mrs. Idaho Pageant: Interview Night | HERLIFE Magazine | Boise Event Photographer

The Mrs. Idaho Pageant consists of three days of events.  Rehearsals, dinners and interviews lead up to the pageant which is held on Saturday.  On day two, contestants go through one of their most stressful events of the competition….interviews.  Leap Photography was behind the scenes to capture what goes on…..just before they go behind closed doors.

The ladies show up in small assigned groups of every half hour.  They make sure they have on their sash & contestant number and have their photos taken before going into the interview.

Mrs Idaho coordinators, Sher and Susan are checking emails from Kaley Sparling (Mrs. Idaho 2013).  Kaley was competing in the Mrs. World competition in China at the same time as the 2014 Mrs. Idaho pageant.

Words of encouragement between contestants.
Contestants are being reminded of the in’s and outs of the interview process.

Mrs. Idaho Pageant: Bowling Night | HERLIFE Magazine | Boise event photographer

The Mrs. Idaho Pageant America took place last November and I was there to cover all the action for HERLIFE Magazine.  
Contestants spent three jammed packed days together preparing for the the competition.  Day one began with a “Queens Dinner” sponsored by Marie Callendar’s.  The ladies ended the day by meeting at Big Al’s in Meridian……for a fun filled night of bowling.