Limoncello, Wedding Favor / {Boise Wedding photographer}

My husband and I just gave gift bags to our friends for Christmas and one of the items we included was home made Limoncello.  While bottling these cute little gifts, I thought they would make a great wedding favor as well.

What you need:

 -17 lemons scrubbed very clean… preferably organic because they have no wax on the outside.

   (Preferably Sorrento lemons which are traditional for this recipe but are hard to come by in Idaho.
   My husband used a combination of Eureka and Meyer Lemons)

 -2 bottles of Everclear alcohol
    (190 proof alcohol)

 -Brita Water filter pitcher
   (dedicated, you will never want to use it for water again)

 -1 large glass jar or container
   (able to hold at least 3 liters of liquid)

-small bottles for bottling
   (We used small champagne bottles we found at a local home brew store.)


 1)  take only the best zest (yellow part of rind only, none of the white/pith) of 17 lemons. Set aside

 2)  Filter 2 bottles of Everclear alcohol (190 proof) through the dedicated Brita water filter. You can
      save filter to use for making other cordials or more Limoncello.

      Run the Everclear through the filter 4 times.

3)  Combine lemon zest and filtered Everclear into the clean glass container & cover with lid.

 4)  In a cool dark place, soak the lemon zest in the Everclear for 90 days shaking every few days.

 5)  After 90 days, filter the Everclear mixture (liquid) through a coffee filter into a new glass
      container.  Replace the coffee filter as it clogs.

6)  While filtering, make a simple syrup out of 5 1/2 cups of water and 3 1/2 cups of cane sugar.
     Cool the simple syrup to room temperature.

7) Add cooled simple syrup mix to the Everclear mixture.  Mix well.

8)  Clean & sanitize the glass bottles you will be using for gift giving.

9)  Fill the jars with the Limoncello and cork/cap

10)  Store in freezer for at least one week before drinking… Serve at freezer temperature into
        cordial glasses.

This recipe made about 2 liters of Limoncello.  It comes in at about a 35-40% alcohol content. Although it’s strong, it is traditional.

Jared / {Boise, Meridian, Nampa High School Senior Photographer}

Jared, his mother and I met up last week in the studio to take a few head shots for his senior yearbook.  We’ve been talking for a few months about meeting up, but we all have busy schedules and honestly time has just got away from us all.
Jared will be graduating from Rocky Mountain High School this spring and is currently in the process of making his final selection on the college he will be attending next fall.  The future is an open book from there.  I wish you all the luck!

Kaleb {Boise, Meridian, Nampa High School Senior Photographer}

Kaleb’s mom contacted me about a week ago in a slight panic to get Kaleb’s portrait session scheduled. The two had just realized the yearbook deadline was one week away and Kaleb needed to get into a photographer as soon as possible.

Although Kaleb is a shy guy I did find out that he loves biking. He’s even competed in the Twilight Criterium
It was great getting to know you Kaleb!  I wish you lots of luck in your future endeavors….and road races.

Go Red For Women 2012 / {Boise Event & Corporate Photographer}

Well I have to admit, I’m really behind on adding this event to the blog.  
In early November I once again had the privilege of being involved with the Go Red For Women luncheon.  Last year we tried our hand at a photo booth.  It was such a huge hit that we decided to do it once again.  This year the photo booth was a little less formal.  Props were available and complimented the luncheon theme of “Queen of Hearts”. 
As always this event was a great hit and everyone had a great time.