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One of the many joys of being a wedding photographer is delivering a completed custom wedding album to my clients.  There is nothing which tugs at my heartstrings more than handing off a custom designed product which I know will one day become a treasured family heirloom.  Today I had the pleasure to do just that.  I delivered a gorgeous custom wedding album to one of my couples who were married this past spring,   Catherine and Neil.   

Heirloom Quality Wedding Albums

This album is an example of the album style included in the “Tradition Wedding” collections.  All of Leap Photography’s wedding album designs are one of a kind creations.  You select the images you would like to have included in your album.  I create a design for the interior pages.  Once the interior page layout is ready to send off to print, you get to select the cover color and material.  There are roughly 30 different swatches to choose from in a variety of colors, textures, and materials.  You will have your choice between many leather, silk and linen swatches.  Catherine and Neil chose this red shantung silk book to complement their wedding colors.  It just happens to be one of my favorite swatches!

Don’t Just purchase digital files!

I’m a firm believer in printing your photos, especially if you felt the occasion was special enough to hire a professional photographer.  Think of the digital files as negatives only!  Print your negatives and preserve the memories in print!

Red Wedding Album
wedding album layout
closeup of wedding album pages
Inside the album
opening page spread of wedding album
boise wedding album spread
interior wedding album pages
wedding album layout
bridal party pages in wedding album
Family photo spread in wedding album
wedding album ceremony page
Bride and groom wedding album page
page layout of wedding reception
Final Page in wedding album

Kayla: Part 2 / Rocky Mountain High School {Boise, Meridian senior portrait photographer}

Kayla, her mom, sister and I started out walking through the streets and alleys of downtown Boise for the outdoor portion of her senior session.  We then moved up to the Boise Train Depot to complete her second day of shooting.
Kayla was open for suggestions on posing and backgrounds which led to a variety of different shots being taken.  We shared many laughs along the way and ended up with some gorgeous shots.
Thanks Kayla and crew for a great evening out on the town! 

Kayla: Part 1 / Rocky Mountain High School {Boise, Meridian senior portrait photographer}

I’ve known Kayla almost the entire time I’ve lived in Boise.  I met her mother years ago and at the time Kayla was only in elementary school .  It’s hard to believe she is now getting ready to enter her senior year of high school.
We decided to split Kayla’s senior portrait session into two days of shooting.  Day 1 was spent in the portrait studio getting a few shots that are considered “more traditional”.  The second day of shooting we spent in the great outdoors.  Kayla chose downtown Boise for her backdrop. We wandered through the streets and alleys looking for visual inspiration.
Since I just shot Kaylas outdoor session a few hours ago I’ve not had time to get images ready for this post.  We did get some gorgeous shots of Kayla so keep checking in to future posts to view the highlights from her outdoor session.

Now Introducing…. Senior Storyboards {Boise, senior photographer}

I’m so exited to announce a new product which is now available for high school seniors.  “Storyboards” are now here!
Storyboards are an excellent way to group some of your favorite images into one collage. You choose a few of your favorites, forward your selections and I’ll work up a one of a kind collage.
These one of a kind collages include photos, graphics, and text.   Each “Storyboard” created is designed to reflect the unique personality, and interests of you, the senior.  These collages are delivered to you ready to frame, in a convenient 10″x20″ wall print size.
Call now, to find out more about Leap Photography and to book your senior session.

Great senior photos at a fabulous price! {Boise Senior photographer}

 Senior Year is just around the corner for many young Americans.  Perhaps the most lasting legacy of our final high school year are the photos we take.  These portraits capture teens on their final jump into the unknown.  College, work, and family time are coming at a blinding speed.
Senior portraits are a snap-shot at a teen’s most formative moments; something that is only available in memory and in images that will quickly become “just a memory” from high school.  
Leap Photography understands how big of a deal it is to choose the right photographer to make these photos perfect.  For you seniors, it is probably tough to understand, but for us, our senior year is still vivid in memory, but more importantly, we have great photos to reminisce over. 🙂
 This is why we offer a variety of portrait sessions to fit your needs.  Contact Brenda to see how she can capture the real you, right here and right now.

 P.S.  You are going to LOVE the photos, your parents will be happy with the price.

To see more examples of our work and find out more about Leap Photography you can click on either of the following links.

Don + Andrea: married {Boise wedding photographer}

Family and friends gathered gathered outdoors last Friday evening to watch Don and Andrea tie the knot.    Andrea had been dreaming of an outdoor wedding and The Wild Rose Manor in Caldwell fit the bill perfectly;  picture opportunities were everywhere we turned.
Thanks Don and Andrea for inviting me to be a part of your special day!

Venue:  Wild Rose Manor
Photographer:  Leap Photography
Dress:  David’s Bridal
Cake:  Brenda’s Creative Cakery
Invitations & Programs:  Reflections in Time Studio   (based in Seattle area)
HairVogue Salon