Linda + David: Married | Boise Wedding Photographer

Family and friends gathered in Linda’s beautifully landscaped backyard to watch Linda and David tie the knot. This was a wedding filled with ancient traditions and love.

The Couple

Linda has spent most of her life traveling the world and enjoying the adventures as they came her way.  So much so, some of her family and friends thought this day might never come. They thought she might be married to travel and the thrill of adventure.

This couple has know each other for a few years but David did not have the courage to ask Linda out on a date until recently. Linda liked David, but never had the courage to ask him out either. Once David did finally find the courage, it only took a few dates before the couple decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Venue

Linda has a beautifully landscaped, Japanese style garden in her backyard. Her love of this style of gardening stems from her time spent living in Japan as a child.

Over the last few years, this couple has spent many an evening relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in this serene outdoor space. They decided, it was the perfect setting to exchange vows and celebrate with family and friends.

Congratulations!  The two of you make a beautiful couple.

Wedding Vendors:
Photographer:  Leap Photography
Cake:  CakeWalk
groom on wedding day
Linda’s backyard is absolutely gorgeous!
A little rain wasn’t going to stop this wedding!
marriage photos

Ruth over at Cakewalk did a superb job on this cake.

As you can see Linda extended her Japanese theme from the garden to the cake.

In Japan, cranes are a symbol of good fortune and longevity.

wedding cake with japanese crane
Linda has had this Daruma doll since her childhood.  In Japan, Daruma dolls are a traditional symbol of good luck.
Upon receiving these dolls girls are instructed to fill one eye in with paint/marker.  The dolls are then hung upside down until the girl has encountered her first good luck of the year.  Once this happens the girl colors in the second eye and displays the doll right side up.
Linda had never filled in the second eye.  This is not to say she had never had good luck, she had just been waiting for a special occasion to complete the tradition.  Upon her engagement, she decided to fill in the second eye on her wedding day.
professional picture of wedding detail
wedding picture of couple