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Just in time for fall and football season this Green Chili recipe will warm your soul during the cool winter days.  This blog post was actually inspired by my husband. He likes to cook and sometimes create his own recipes.  Lucky for me, he’s really good at it!

A little about this recipe

He came up with this particular recipe on his own and it’s quite tasty.  This recipe makes a large batch, one big enough to feed a room full of guests. There is one thing I promise you about this recipe; all the “meat eating “men in your life will be in love with all the “porky goodness” of this chili.  They’ll come back for more.

This stew is a mash-up of America’s Test Kitchen recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili and Rick Bayless’ recipe for Chile Verde… and of course, my husband takes every chance he can to add as much pork to every bite (see the bacon and ham stock listed later on :-))

Green Chili Verde

What You Will Need


– 4 lb. pork stew meat
– 1.5 lb. ground pork sirloin
– 7 slices bacon

-Ham stock (this is found in a concentrate form called Better Than Bouillon)

– 5 poblano chilis
– 5 anaheim chilis
– 4 jalapeno (1 reserved)
– 7 or 8 tomatillos
– 2 large onions
– 3 stalks celery
– 1 carrot
– 5 heads roasted garlic
– 1 bunch cilantro (1/2 reserved)

Green onions/scallions for garnish

pork loin and bacon


Brown meat in small batches and set aside.

While browning stew meat and ground pork, cook the bacon… We use a broiler pan on low heat (about 280) so the fat renders and drains away as much as possible.  When the bacon is very crisp, put it off to the side.

Roast the garlic at the same time as the bacon… When it is soft, squish it out of the cloves and put it in a bowl.

– While the meat is browning, rough chop chilies, tomatillos, onion, celery and carrot.

Remember to seed and de vein the chilies, that is where the heat can get to be too much. 

chopped vegetable

A feast for any guys eyes…..pork, and lots of it.

browned meat in bowl

Saute all your chiles and veggies until browned.  Season with salt and fresh pepper as you go, it really does make a difference.

Once complete, deglaze the pan with a bit of ham stock and place the veggies into the blender pitcher.  Do not blend yet.

anaheim chili cooking in skillet

Add the browned stew meat to just enough ham stock, the level of liquid should not quite cover all the pork.  Just as shown in the photo below.

chili in pot

So now it’s time to dig out the blender.  I swear you can use it for more than just making a mean margarita or a milkshake!

Blend bacon and veggies (including the roasted garlic) into a thick liquid.

viking blender on counter

(By the way…..Thanks Kris for the awesome wedding gift.  We love our Viking blender!!  It’s our “Little Red Corvette”.)

Add the veggies to the pork and ham stock and simmer for a couple of hours… until the pork pieces are very tender.  Take off the lid and simmer until thickened to the point where you like.

-About 10 minutes before serving, add the reserved jalapeno (finely diced) and half the chopped cilantro.

green chili in pot

Garnish with the rest of the cilantro and chopped scallions.. Sorry, I missed the garnish photo.. I was hungry; anytime Toby cooks, you can count on at least an extra hour than he estimates.

Green Chili Verde

Zach: Class of 2011 / Boise & Meridian senior photographer

Just a few short weeks ago Zach, his mother and I spent a few hours walking through Kathryn Alberton’s park.  We lucked out, we finally had a nice fall day to take Zach’s photos.  Zach’s mom and I had been trying to get Zach’s senior session snuck in before the leaves dropped and the cold weather rolled in, unfortunately we had been having a little bad luck along the way. Sessions had been scheduled twice prior and each time we had been rained out.   Cat’s and dogs rained out.  
Well here you go Zach, a few sneak peeks from your session.   

Let’s Erase the Stigma / Boise & Eagle photographer

I recently had the pleasure of spending a little time with a great group of Eagle High Students.  All had volunteered to model t-shirts for a new and upcoming non profit called Let’s Erase the Stigma/L.E.T.S.
The mission of L.E.T.S. is to erase the stigma associated with mental illness.  They start in high schools by getting students together to form a new kind of club, one that helps change the perception of mental illness.  The hope is that by helping everyone overcome the stigma’s associated with a mental illness those who are afflicted will seek treatment without the worries of what others might think.
To find out more about this great organization you can go to their website:

Sam + Jessica / Boise Wedding Photographer

Sam and Jessica’s wedding day left us all on our toes.  Weather forecasts were calling for heavy rain to start sometime in the late afternoon but all day we kept seeing a little rain here and a little rain there.  The unpredictable weather kept Sam and Jessica in a constant state of confusion on if their ceremony should be held indoors or out.  In the end they decided to play it safe and hold the ceremony indoors.

It did end up raining but that’s OK because as we all know….rain is good luck on your wedding day.

This garter was Jessica’s something old, borrowed and blue.  
Her grandmother wore it on her wedding day.
Oh so pretty!

Jessica did a great job of tying all of the details together.
Wedding Vendors
Venue:  CW Moore Plaza
Decorations:  Bliss Events
Catering:  A Lively Chef
Bar Services:  Jo’s Traveling Bar
Hotel:  Hampton Inn