Go Red For Women Luncheon / Boise event photographer

The 2010 Go Red For Women luncheon has come and gone once again.  Every year the event grows in attendance and more and more money is raised to help support the American Heart Association.
Heart disease and strokes affect men and women of all ages but the luncheon focuses on educating women about cardiovascular disease and the healthy choices that can help prevent it.  The goal is to get rid of the myth that heart disease and strokes only affect “old men”.  Women join together to gather information about the leading signs and symptoms of heart disease.  In addition information can be found  about healthy food choices.  
All the volunteers that helped make the 2010 luncheon a success.
Education is a big part of the Go Red For Women campaign.
Who says being heart healthy has to be tasteless.
Survivors tell their emotional stories.
Every year a keynote speaker gives attendees heart healthy tips.

Go Red For Women: 2010 Survivors / Boise portrait photographer

This year the annual Go Red For Women Luncheon will be held on October 15, 2010.  This event is just one of many fundraisers held throughout the year to help support the local chapter of the American Heart Association.  The luncheon’s focus is on promoting the benefits of healthy habits and educating women on how to make heart healthy choices as well as how to detect the early warning signs of heart disease. 
Every year a group of women or survivors are selected as speakers for the luncheon.  All of these women have survived a battle with some form of heart disease.  I photographed all of this years survivors and I promise you each and every one of their stories is inspiring.  Heart disease affects women of all ages and this year’s selection of survivors is no exception.  I encourage each and every one of my readers to attend the luncheon just to hear what these ladies have to say.    I promise, you’ll walk away from this luncheon not only inspired but you’ll have a whole new outlook on heart disease.

Kayla: Class of 2011 / Boise & Emmett Senior Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a few hours on a ranch in Sweet, Idaho. When Kayla told me she would like to have her senior photos taken on her family farm I started to get more than a little excited.  It’s been quite some time since I moved off of my family’s ranch and away from Montana and I rarely have an opportunity to take portraits in this type of setting.  I had been looking forward to a shoot outside of the Boise City limits and when I arrived at her family place I new we were going to end up with a lot of great shots.
Thanks Kayla for getting me out of town and back on the farm.  I had a fantastic time!

Every farm I’ve every visited has had at least a few cats running around the barnyard and this farm was no exception.  This Siamese mix named Mia, followed us all around the ranch as we took photos.  She even tried jumping in my car more than once as I was trying to leave for the evening.  I guess she must have heard I have a soft spot for Siamese cats.

Pink Tutu / Boise Portrait Phographer

Miss Hillary had just turned 4 years old the day before her photo shoot.  She’s a little shy until she get’s to know you but once she does this sweat heart will tell you secrets that even Mom didn’t know about, like her new boyfriend.  

This 4 year old already has her own sense of style plus she absolutely loves the color pink.  Hillary chose all the clothing for her birthday session which is quite an impressive feat for a girl her age.  My favorite outfit was her hot pink tutu.  Every girls got to have one and Hillary is just so cute in hers.