Brian & Mandi / McCall wedding Photographer

The much awaited wedding day for Brian & Mandi finally arrived on August 15th. You might remember this couple from a previous post of their engagement session. After working with them back then I knew we were in for a good time on their wedding day. The couple did not disappoint. The ceremony was beautiful and everyone, including myself had a fantastic time at the reception.

Thanks for the wonderful memories!

Our day began at Jug Mountain Ranch.

Flowers by Euflorea (208) 703-0979

The ceremony took place in the backyard of a cabin in Donnelly Idaho.

More flowers by Euflorea

Angela & Geoff / Boise Wedding Photographer

July 25th was the much awaited wedding date for Angela & Geoff. I first met Angela and her mother back in November, just a few days after Geoff proposed. She was so excited to be engaged. Although she had only been engaged a few days Angela and her mother Ruth had already taken care of a great deal of the wedding planning. The venue and the date were decided on and she was moving on to finding a dress.

The excitement had not worn off by the wedding day. Angela was just bubbling with joy and had the glow of happy bride. Joy like this is what makes being a wedding photographer so great.

Thanks Angela and Geoff for being so full of joy!

Angela’s mom Ruth is a cake designer and this couple was fortunate enough to have a few of her creative designs on display at their wedding.
Cakewalk: 208-385-0232

It’s not often that I see a groom’s cake but this is one of the most interesting I have seen in awhile.