Pretty in Pink / Boise Children’s Photographer

It has been awhile since I photographed children outside of a wedding situation and I have to say I had forgotten how much fun it can be. When I first started my career as a photographer over 10 years ago I actually photographed children all the time. It is true that photographing children can sometimes be challenging, but over the years I’ve found just talking to kids can put them at ease. In fact not only will I get the perfect shot by doing this, but the children confide in me and tell me little things such as…..”I’m almost smarter than Dad because I’m a better speller.” Well, at least this is what I was told this time around.

Are they Naturals? / Boise Engagement Photographer

OK, I’m a bit behind on my blogging. Spring is here and things have just gotten a little busy around here. That’s one of the reasons why I was so excited to get out of town a few weeks ago and take a drive up to McCall. Justin & Michelle had asked me to meet the two of them up at the lake so we could get some engagement shots where they first met. I really can’t say no to a chance to get away, even if it’s to work.

The drive was well worth it. There is nothing better than a Sunday drive on a spring day to clear your head and rejuvenate your spirits. I think the mountain air was great for all of us. We had a great time snapping shots and driving around to new locations.

I captured some great shots of the two all along the lake and these two were so easy to work with. In fact if I didn’t know better I could swear the two had some modeling experience. They just seemed so comfortable in front of the camera. Well….I guess that’s what love does to you.

I’ve posted a few of my favorites below, they’re just a taste for all to enjoy.

Mr. & Mrs. Reding / Boise Wedding Photographer

The long awaited day finally arrived. We can now officially refer to this couple as Mr. & Mrs. Reding. Each wedding is truly unique to each couple and this one was no exception. From the first time I met the couple I knew that family was an integral part of their relationship. So I was not surprised that their wedding was small intimate affair.

Ten Mile Community Church was the backdrop for their nuptials & the reception. It not only is perfect for an intimate ceremony it’s also the parish which Brittany’s grandfather resides over.

Brittany and Andrew decided they wanted to wait and see each other for the first time when Brittany was being walked down the aisle by her father.

I’ve been told that Brittany’s grandfather has a track record for forgetting to have the bride and groom kiss at the alter. I decided to get a quick kissing shot at the end of the aisle instead.

Brittany has been excited about these shoes for months. In fact it was a special request to get a shot of these sexy red pumps.

I absolutely love lilies!! This color combination is just so gorgeous.
Great job Brittany!

Ahhh….off to Hawaii.

2009 Race For The Cure

For the second year in a row I had the amazing privilege to not only be a participant in Boise’s Race for the Cure but also to be the team photographer for Margo & Michelle’s Team”. Team leaders Margo Vaughn of 107.1 KHITS and Michelle Edmonds of Todays Channel 6 really did an amazing job this year of spreading the word throughout the Treasure Valley about the annual fundraiser. Although fund raising efforts continue through the end of May, this team has been holding a steady second place.

For those of you who have participated in this event you know that just attending the event is uplifting. It’s truly amazing to witness the sea of people that fill Park Center Blvd. and the Albertson’s Complex. It’s also incredibly inspiring to see all the women currently battling breast cancer who drag themselves out of bed just to make their voices are heard.

These two decided to try out the Photo Booth early in the morning.

These girls hoola their way through the race.

I love the fact that people of all ages attend this event.

Seeing young girls like this is a reminder that not only are preventative checkups important but education plays a key role in campaign awareness.

Every year the party gets going with a little help from the girls at Jazzercise.

Pink costumes are another common sight at the race.

Survivors wear a special pink shirt to signify their accomplishment of beating this disease.

Great team name! Like the hats too.

This woman had just crossed the finish line and stopped to give Michelle Edmonds of KIVI TV a big hug.

And the biggest reminder of why we race, we do it for the ones we love.

Boise Race For The Cure

I have a reminder to everyone out there; Saturday May 9th is the date for Boise’s annual Komen Race for the Cure. This week is the week to be “thinking pink” in the Treasure Valley. Breast cancer affects far too many of us and this race is a simple way for anyone to contribute to the cause.

I never miss my chance to participate in lively events and this Saturday is no exception. I will be downtown, at the crack of dawn, soaking in all the positive energy and doing my part to help. I am a proud member of “Margo & Michelle’s Team”. It is too late to join their team, but you still can donate. As of yesterday, this dynamic duo’s fund raising efforts have put them in 2nd place here in the Treasure Valley. I will be taking a team photograph at 8 a.m. I’ll be wandering around the crowd taking snapshots of all the festivities; those will be posted on Todays Channel 6 News after the race.

Make sure to check back for an update of the days events.

To find out more details about the events in Boise, or to register to race, go to the Komen link: