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K-HITS: “Changes”

Today, I stumbled upon some big news in the radio world and it sent me on a trip down memory lane. 107.1 KHITS, a station I used to work with, made a bold switch from classic hits to classic country. It’s a reminder of how media is always evolving and needs to keep up with what audiences want.

In the midst of this change, (CH-CH-CH-CH-Changes) I found myself digging through old hard drives and CDs, rediscovering memories of my time collaborating with KHITS and the incredible personalities who made the station come alive. Tracy Mitchell and Margo Vaughn, two much-loved figures who bid farewell in 2015, definitely left their mark on both the station and its listeners for 20 years.

Thinking back on our collaborations, I remembered the exciting challenges and fun moments we shared. One project that stood out was a photo shoot inspired by The Beatles’ iconic Sgt. Pepper’s album cover. It was a blast trying to fit Tracy, Margo, and the other DJs alongside clients, advertisers, and loved ones into the frame. Despite the limited tools we had with Photoshop at the time, I poured my creativity into crafting an image that really captured the spirit of KHITS’ lively community.

Another unforgettable project was a photo shoot based on Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” album cover. Tracy and Margo brought so much energy and laughter to the set. As we recreated Springsteen’s famous pose, their personalities shone through, making the final image brim with warmth and humor.

But it wasn’t just about the photoshoots. Margo’s impact stretched far beyond the studio. Her involvement in the Boise community and her courageous battle with breast cancer truly showcased her strength and compassion. When HerLife Boise magazine featured her journey in an issue dedicated to breast cancer awareness, I felt honored to capture Margo’s genuine spirit and kindness.

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As KHITS embarks on this new journey, I’m reminded of the connections we forged through our creative collaborations. Despite the changes in the airwaves, the memories we created together remain as a tribute to the power of MEDIA and the remarkable people who make it special.

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