senior photo of tennis player

Senior Photos: Zach | Boise Photographer

In autumn, Boise transforms into a picturesque canvas, offering an ideal backdrop for senior photos. The combination of the colors of foliage and the warm quality of light is almost always better than the bright/harsh sunshine of summer, or cool tones of winter. The color of light in autumn is generally “warmer” and feels more like the much sought-after “golden hour” glow.

The Optimal Time For Senior Photos

Late summer and autumn is also coincidentally the best time for senior photos for a few reasons. First off, having your senior photos taken in the fall still allows you plenty of time to get graduation announcements out to friends and family. Plus you still have plenty of lead-time for getting your favorite image submitted to the yearbook. And finally, don’t forget about Christmas presents. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles love the gift of senior portraits!

senior photo of tennis player

Zach’s Photoshoot: A Personalized Senior Portrait Experience

I met Zach and his mom early this fall. We started out the photoshoot on the Timberline High School campus, photographing Zach in his element. He loves tennis, and wanted to have a combination of action and posed senior photo taken on the school’s tennis courts. Once completing the tennis photos, we drove over to Barber Park in east Boise. We found some great areas tucked away the park. It’s a hidden gem boasting lush trees, colorful landscapes, and the tranquil waters of the Boise River. Encounters with local wildlife, like deer and cranes, add to the park’s charm, creating an ideal setting for capturing remarkable senior portraits.

tennis player in action

Celebrating Achievements

Senior Photos are all about celebrating achievements. With that said…Meet Zach, a soon-to-be graduate from Timberline High School and a passionate tennis player. It was my pleasure to tailor his photo session to reflect his interests and accomplishments. Ensuring an authentic portrayal of his high school journey.

senior photo with tennis racquet
senior portrait outdoors
outdoor senior picture

If you’re looking for a Boise Photographer to capture your senior photos… you’ve landed in the right spot. Leap Photography has over 25 years experience as a professional photographer. To view more examples of senior photos we’ve taken, jump on over to any of the links listed below.

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