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In The Spotlight: Idaho Student Theater Event

In Shakespearean fashion, life unfolds as a series of acts, each playing a crucial role in shaping our destiny. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts.” During high school, the young talents of Idaho are in their opening act—a pivotal moment setting the stage for their future success.

Behind the Curtain: Immersing in The Morrison Center

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of immersing myself in the vibrant atmosphere of The Morrison Center on Boise State University’s campus. This cultural hub has hosted several events that have allowed me to witness the passion of patrons, artists, and actors, and providing a glimpse into the thriving world of Boise’s performing arts scene.

The Patty Duke Awards: A Theatrical Event

One standout event that stole the spotlight was The Patty Duke Awards, formerly the Idaho High School Theatre Awards. A celebration that transcends the boundaries of high school auditoriums. Drawing students from across the Gem State, this multi-day event is dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and inspiring exceptional achievements in musical theater by Idaho’s high school students.

Backstage Transformation: Workshops and Masterclasses

The festivities kick off with educational workshops and masterclasses featuring Broadway actors. Students dive into the intricacies of audition techniques, advanced set design, and costume craftsmanship. It’s a transformative experience that goes beyond the spotlight, nurturing the growth of these young artists.

interview for theatre award

A Night On The Stage

The final event of the week is the awards ceremony. The evening starts with a dazzling red carpet entrance, moving into an awards program. The ceremony is brimming with singing, dancing, laughter, and inevitable tears of joy. Awards are presented in nearly a dozen categories, showcasing the incredible talents of these emerging performers. But the accolades don’t stop there; the best young actor and actress earn a coveted opportunity to travel to the heart of it all—New York City—for additional training, inspiration, and networking opportunities.

group photo on red carpet
red carpet event photo, 3 friends

In the Lens of Shakespeare: Connecting the Past and Present

As I photographed these moments, I couldn’t help but feel a connection to Shakespeare’s musings. The theater, a timeless stage for human expression, continues to thrive. Initiatives like The Patty Duke Awards serve as a testament to the enduring vitality of the performing arts. It’s heartening to see young talents recognized and celebrated, their journeys captured in the frames of my lens.

high school theatre performance

In the unfolding drama of life, these young actors are playing their parts with dedication and passion. With every workshop attended and award received, they are stepping into their roles, contributing to the rich tapestry of Idaho’s artistic community. Shakespeare would undoubtedly be encouraged to witness the enduring legacy of theater and the recognition bestowed upon the rising stars of today. As a photographer, I am honored to play a small part in immortalizing the development of these talented individuals, ensuring their acts resonate for years to come.

girls singing on stage
group of performers backstage
award winners boise event

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