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Headshots: Simply LEDs

The business headshots on your company website are a perfect place to showcase employees and highlight their skills and personalities. I’ve seen companies take many different approaches in how they use employee headshots… but Simple LEDs is on my top 5 list for creative ways to use their images.

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Simply LEDs

Simply LEDs is a lighting manufacturer, based in Garden City Idaho. Their design offices and factory are all housed under the same roof. This means the engineers, marketing department, and those who work the production line, all see each other on a daily basis. They hang out in the break room together and collaborate on big projects. This work environment has created a tight knit work community.

Their handiwork can be found in parking lots, stadiums, warehouses, and industrial buildings and spaces throughout the USA. Every product Simply LEDs designs is made right here in the Treasure Valley.

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The Headshots

When redesigning their website, Simply LEDs had a clear vision. First and foremost, dramatic lighting was an absolute must! They specialize in lighting industrial spaces and their headshots needed to help illustrate this.

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As for showcasing employee personalities and skill sets, this was done in two ways. If you look to the company “About” page, a single straight on headshot is found. The lighting is dramatic and the overall tones of the images are dark. When hovering your mouse over a headshot, a fun headshot pops up. Depending on the individual this “personality” portrait either highlights their hobbies, or tasks they complete on a day to day basis at work.

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Using two images for each employee, helps immerse potential customers into their website. Not only are web browsers going to take extra time to learn about each employee, but in turn they’re encouraged to scroll through other pages on the website and learn more about the company and the products it offers.

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