10 Ways To Use Your Business Headshots 

The Dilemma:  You just had your headshots taken and you’ve updated your LinkedIN profile. Good first step, but there have to be more ways to use this photo? Right?

Why Do I Need a Headshot?

Business headshots are a simple and effective way to market individuals and the company they work. Even today, those shopping for your products/services are still swayed by first impressions. Your headshot is an opportunity to make a great first impression.

How Can I use My Headshot?

Smart business owners and managers know having just one headshot at their disposal increases the opportunities for marketing materials.

1) Business Cards & Brochures

This is the most classic ways business professionals utilize a headshot and gives clients a way to match a face to a name. People like doing business with someone they feel connected to, and using your portrait on a business card or brochure is an easy way to create a connection that begins the process growing trust and familiarity.

2) Email Signatures

Every day we send and receive emails, “seeing” who you’re talking to increases likability.  

3) Email Marketing & Newsletters

Personalize your email marketing campaigns and newsletters by sprinkling your headshots throughout. For readers, it’s a great visual reminder of who they are communicating with.

4) Websites & Blogs

Your “about” or “meet the team” page provide valuable insight into the people who make the work happen, and an up-to-date pic adds depth and a degree of warmth words alone just cannot provide.

5) Social Media

Headshots on social media help reinforce the familiarity and the company brand. 

6) Press Releases

Current photos are a requirement for press releases. A photo credit deserves to go with any alert worthy of news and media coverage.

7) Speaker Panels

Whether it be you’re presenting at a trade convention or you’re a professional speaker, don’t forget to send your professional headshot in. The organization will include it on all promotional materials.

8) Resume

A photo as part of a resume conveys a hint of somebody’s personality, a “look” that invites and adds more interest than just words on a page. It allows you to stand out from the competition.

9) Virtual Meetings

We’ve all been on the long zoom call where we video isn’t required and there is a grid of names and faces. This is an excellent opportunity to put your headshot to good use

10) Direct Mail / Printed Advertisements

Including your headshot in your direct mail pieces or printed advertisements is another great way to help brand your business and adds to the sense of knowledge and acquaintanceship.

Final Words of Advice

First impressions count!!  Nowadays, the primary place you meet someone for the first time is online. So ditch the selfie or photo from 10 years ago and start using a professional headshot. Studio, outside, or in the office, a quality well-lit professional photo is increasingly essential.

Professional Business Headshot by Leap Photography

Here at Leap Photography, we love helping people and businesses look their best. No company is too small or too large. We’re here to help you with clothing choices, background color suggestions, and perfecting the posing and lighting. Headshots are our specialty.

Why Use Leap Photography For Your Headshots?

Our photographer, Brenda, has been capturing images professionally for over 25 years. She’s photographed thousands of people over the years and knows how to put you at ease when you are in front of the lens. She’ll guide you through a variety of poses and sit down to help you pick the best photo(s) from your session.

What are you waiting for? Book Your business headshot with Leap Photography today.

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