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Class Reunions. Some of us look forward to them and others dread them. For those who enjoy meeting up with childhood friends… a class reunion is a great way to catch up.

Capital High School

Last summer I had the opportunity to photograph the 40th Class Reunion of Capital High Schools, Class of 1982. The entire evening was a low key affair with old friends gathering together to catch up as well as to celebrate this particular time in their lives. Guests shared successes, photos of their family, and stories from high school. The room was filled with laughter and smiling faces.

The Class Reunion

Many people picked up conversations right were they had left off 10+ years ago. Although there are a number of individuals who landed back in Boise after college and see each other routinely… others had moved away and not been back for any of the previous class reunions. Those individuals in particular spent the evening moving throughout the room and catching up with all of their old friends.

Group of 4 friends at a Class Reunion
high school friends at a class reunion

Cell Phones were a great way for everyone to share photos of their children, grandchildren and recent vacations. In addition… so many cell phone photos of groups of friends were captured.

Group of Friends at Riverside Club
Class Reunion Group of Friends

After spending a hour or so capturing candid photos… I gathered the Class of 1982 together for a large class group photo. Everyone was having such a great time catching up with old friends that it was a little harder than usual to gather the group together. But… I’m a pro and I made it happen. Honestly, I can’t fault them for enjoying catching up with old friends. I would be having just as much fun reliving my past if it were my own class reunion.

Class Reunion Group Photo in Boise Idaho

Thanks Capital High, Class of 1982 for choosing Leap Photography to photograph your event. I had a blast!

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