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Staff Headshots: Boise Photographer

Does your company staff headshots to utilize for helping promote your business? If not… this is a to do item that you need to add to your 2023 budget.

Why You Need Staff Headshots

Images of your employees can be used in so many ways. Of course having an “about” or “meet the staff” page on your website is an excellent idea… but… have you considered the other potential uses? The staff headshots can be used for email signatures, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, ID cards, social media promotions, social media avatars, press releases, and so much more.

You could ask each employee to provide you with their own headshot… but in my experience I’ve found it’s better for you to foot the bill and have one photographer photograph all of your employees. Doing so will give you consistency in lighting, photographers style, and all your staff headshots will have a matching background. All of this, helps you set your company apart from the competition.

Staff Headshots

Headshots are a specialty of Leap Photography’s and I’m no stranger to photographing large groups of people in one day. I’ve photographed as few as 1-2 headshots for a company in a day to over 100 headshots. You can trust your companies image in my capable hands.

Boise Headsots

So… let’s start off 2023 with a bang! Give me a call or email today to set up a Headshot Day for your employees. ~ Brenda

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