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Studio Headshots: Shamli

Headshots for your business and professional profiles have become increasingly more important in the last few years. One thing COVID has done is divert our attention to the internet and less on in person interactions. Most of our daily work tasks are accomplished online and many of us have increased our online shopping visits. In addition most of our daily reading, be it for work or in our personal time… is done online. This includes trade publications and magazines.


Shamli reached out inquiring about studio headshots. She was in need of up to date images to use in a few different applications. The first being a trade publication that was going to be writing an article about her. Second, she needed to update her headshot on all of her professional platforms such as LinkedIN.

Studio headshot by Boise Photographer

As a woman at the top of her field, Shamli knew a selfie just wouldn’t do. She’s a project manager in the tech industry and she needed headshots that showed a bit of her personality, yet they needed to highlight her as an expert in her field. A selfie would send the message that she doesn’t care about her career, and that’s far from the case. (Read to the end for links to articles about her)

She came into the studio with multiple outfit options in hand. In the end… we decided that the two options shown here were the best for the “the look” she was aiming for.

Studio headshot of boise female

In the end… the images shown in this post are the 4 images she decided to use for all of her varying purposes. She has a nice mix of work casual and traditional professional headshots to use when the need arises.

If you’re curious about Shamli’s professional career. Click the links below to learn more about her skillset.