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Event Photos: 50th Anniversary

There are just some event photos worth hiring a professional photographer for… and a 50th Anniversary party is one of them. In the case of the couple below…a.k.a “my parents”… they are lucky enough to have a daughter who is a professional photographer.

I traveled to Billings Montana to help them celebrate. This was a rare occasion where I was not only the photographer… but I had planned the event too. Needles to say, I was juggling many hats on the day of the party. Preparing the decorating the venue, preparing the charcuterie board, and lining up the events of the day were just a few of the things you could find me doing. When I had a spare moment, I would grab my camera and capture the moments I know none of my immediate family wants to forget.

Although I enjoy taking event photos…. my favorite part of the day was catching up with family and friends I haven’t seen in years. Since my move to Idaho… it’s been hard to get back for events like this one. I personally really treasured the time I got to spend with people I’ve known since I was a kid.

At the end of the day we were all tired! It was an incredibly busy day, filled with activity, conversation and lots of hugs.


Couple on their 50th Anniversary

The happy Couple holding one of their anniversary gifts.

50th Anniversary table decoration

Guests just loved these table tents. It was a great conversation piece!

Anniversary Party Game

We played a little game of who knows who best. Although there were a few surprise answers…I think it ended up being an even score.

Thanks Dancing Oven Bakery for the cake. It was gorgeous! (Macaroons from COSTCO)

Charcuterie Board at party
couple cutting a cake at Anniversary Party
Grandparents with their Grandchildren

Mom & Dad + the grand kids.

50th Anniversary Invitation